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Gena and Jacob

Married September 02, 2012 at Woodsgate

Gena Johnson and Jacob DiSimoni – September 2, 2012 – Woodsgate

Woodsgate Pocono Wedding Venue

Woodsgate Details

How We Met

Jacob and I met at work. He was a cook at his family’s restaurant and I was a permanent substitute right out of college who waited tables to supplement my very tiny income. I was a stage manager for many years, and Jacob fit the “front man” stereotype I generally tried to avoid. But he was charming and I missed doing something besides work, so we eventually went out a few times. On a few very bizarre dates. It was May and over the summer things were very “on-again-off-again” casual. It stayed this way through the fall, and though I was sure that things were better when it was “on-again,” it took Jacob a little longer to catch up. He didn’t even realize it when he called me on Christmas Day (we were “off-again”) to see if I wanted to “hang out.” But that spring he caught up, and once he got there he became an amazing boyfriend.

Jacob has a love of haunted houses that rivals his love of me. He also has a one-track mind and has no fear when he goes after something. So he decided he was going to the Tom Savini school for Special Effects Make-up Design in Monessen, PA. I don’t believe in long distance relationships, so we (he) had to make a choice. Was I going with him in the fall or was this the end? Lucky for us he made the right choice and we took a gamble on us.

Happily Ever After

He graduated from that program and I started a job at a small defense contractor in the area. We had great opportunities in a very nasty economy, so our 16 month adventure has now been a 5 year journey. We bought a house, adopted a couple of dogs and have made a remarkable network of friends that have never known us apart.

On Christmas Day, 2010, Jacob proposed in front of my family (who drove through the night from Massachusetts to be there for the moment) in our living room. He created a picture album of our story so far and flipped through it with me before he got down on one knee.

We were married at Woodsgate on September 2, 2012 in front of (almost) all of the most important people in our lives. The staff at Stroudsmoor far exceeded my expectations, which were already very high as every step of the process was handled with impeccable service. Our event planner, Cathleen, made the perfect recommendations throughout the entire planning process, keeping it fun and very low stress. The flowers, the food, the spa and the music were perfect and our photographers not only elegantly captured every moment, but made them more enjoyable with their presence. It was a fairy tale wedding and a great beginning to our happily ever after!

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