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Calendar of Events

JanuaryInvitation Etiquette – create an eblast linking to the attached WWW article on the website and online invitations (20% invitation when full-service assembly package is booked by 2/28/18, including printing, addressing, and assembly – postage not included)
FebruaryRomantic Touches – eblast to list of SCI Grooms with option for personal shopper, and link to the attached WW article on website (free single rose with note card with a purchase of a romantic touch package for your wedding – expiration 4/1/18
MarchTuxedo and Tailgating – March Sampling (special incentives offered by Sarno and Son Formal Wear when you visit the pavilion on 3/4/18)
AprilClearance Sale – in-store opportunity to purchase outdates structures and unwanted linen (DIY Demo)
MaySay Yes to the “head-dress” – in-spa opportunity to speak with spa staff regarding wedding coif/try on headpieces and veils from the SCI Wedding Registry (receive a spa coupon/layaway available for all registry purchases)
JuneSeating Assignments – in-store opportunity to purchase seating items at discount (SCI Event Planners will review floorplans for each venue) possible article
JulyChristmas in July – eblast for in-store discounts:

        • 20% off invitations
        • 25% off store-wide (reduce unwanted inventory, so we can purchase new and better product)
        • 30% off rentals
        • BOGO on wedding jewelry
        • Gift for visiting registry (some type of incentive to get them to come into the registry for point-of-sale purchasing)
AugustSummer Ale Sampler – host event at MIP with beer sampling – registry promotes groomsmen’s gifts (cross-promote MIP events and Tux & Tailgating)
SeptemberFalling in Love – in-store sale on all fall related merchandise (target upcoming fall weddings last-minute purchases/2019 early “bride” special)
OctoberOctober Wedding-fest – cross-promote the following:

  • SIT for fall favors and holiday bake goods ordering
  • Registry save-the-date incentives (targeting all 2019 fall weddings)
  • F&D pumpkins and other easy to sell items (show we can be cheaper than DIY)
  • MIP events (plan for a Wednesday night with possible live entertainment)
NovemberTurkey Sale – in-store opportunity to reduce unwanted stock (start at the November sampling)
DecemberHoliday (Wedding) Boutique – in-store and gallery opportunity:

  • Plan ahead to purchase holiday items for sale during the tree lighting and try one last time to capture Christmas/year-end dollars
  • Sale on all wedding registry items to bring in end-of-year revenue and reduce stock for January inventory