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Jennifer and David

Married May 22, 2010 at Terraview

Jennifer Gulmi and David Fallet – May 22, 2010 – Terraview

Terraview Pocono Wedding Venue

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Jennifer and David’s Story . . .

I had recently moved to PA, when I received a message on I opened the message and it read; “You don’t know me, but I think you’re a hottie.” I read this and thought “If a guy can’t talk to me like a person, then why should I bother e-mailing back?” Something inside me told me check out his profile just to see what he was like, and boy, I am soooo glad that I did! Turns out, we were both from South Jersey, our birthdays are both in the month of December and we had a lot more things in common (except David doesn’t like scary movies, because he believes they can happen in real life haha!!). Taking a leap of faith, I emailed back. We talked online for about 2-weeks and then finally arranged to meet at the Tobyhanna State Park (I was putting off meeting him because I was so nervous!). I brought my niece and my dog that day for security. I wanted to see if we hit it off in person, but was afraid to be alone. He stepped out of the car, and right then and there, I just knew that I was going to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him – 10-months later, he proposed to me on Valentine’s Day and a little over a year later; we were married at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn on May 22, 2010. We couldn’t be happier! I love being Mrs. Jennifer Fallat.

Here is Dave’s version of our meeting . . .

I had just ended a relationship and felt that I couldn’t find anyone that would love me for me. I was so heartbroken. I just bought a car, thinking that it would fill the hole in my heart, but it didn’t. So, I went on MySpace to see who was out there that needed a friend and maybe something more. I saw Jenny’s profile and thought she seems really cool and easy to talk to, so I emailed her. I was so happy to see Jenny’s response. I made myself a rule that I would talk to her online for a week, but no more than two – that would be just someone leading me on. If after chatting online we hit it off, I would arrange to meet her and hang out. Jenny kept putting me off for almost 2-weeks until she finally said “Let’s meet at the Tobyhanna State Park”. She didn’t tell me then that she was bringing chaperones. When the day came, I couldn’t find the park. I got so lost! After about 30-minutes, I finally found her. I just took one look at her and knew that she was the one for me. I waited a few minutes just looking at Jenny, then I got out of the car and we talked for hours. I met her niece and her dog “Baby” and we totally hit it off. On Valentine’s Day 2009, I took Jenny back to where we first met and asked her to marry me. Now, we are husband and wife and I am soooo happy I took the chance and emailed her. There is no one in this world that I love more than Jenny. She is my everything.

That is our story on how we met and how we fell in love 🙂

And, now why we decided to get married at Stroudsmoor Country Inn . . .

We selected Stroudsmoor for our wedding, because I always wanted to feel like Cinderella arriving to the ball. My dream was to get married in a castle-like setting, surrounded by water, arriving to the celebration by horse and carriage as Cinderella did. Dave wanted to be treated like a king having servers around him that would be as caring as we are. Stroudsmoor offered this and more! We chose Terraview at Stroudsmoor for our wedding, it is an extraordinary place inside and out, we just fell in love with it as soon as we saw it. The staff at Stroudsmoor was so helpful, and so very kind. They wanted to make sure everything was perfect for us and if we needed anything at all, we asked and they obliged. Everything was what we had hoped for on our wedding day – the staff cared for us as if we were a part of a family. Dave and I will definitely return to the inn in the future, hopefully to create many more special memories in our lives. Thank you Stroudsmoor for everything. You made our dreams come true and we are so grateful to you all.

Thank you again for EVERYTHING!

Jenny and Dave

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