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Jessica and Nick

Married March 29, 2014 at Terraview

Jessica Carbone and Nick Lebel – March 29, 2014 – Terraview

Terraview Pocono Wedding Venue

Terraview Details

Nick and I met through mutual friends. My cousin was dating his best friend and decided to set us up on a blind date. We went out to dinner and then met up with our friends after. We had a great time together, but the timing wasn’t right to start a relationship. Less than a year later, after both graduating from college, we ended up at the same summer barbeque where we expressed to each other that we both couldn’t wait to see the first Hangover movie. Nick asked if I would see it with him the next day but I wasn’t feeling well and had to drive home to New Jersey. After he let me know that I “owed him a movie” we agreed to get together the following weekend. I was running late, as usual, and we ended up missing the movie, but he surprised me with an amazing dinner at a restaurant that I secretly always wanted to go to, but I hadn’t even told him!

Besides being very handsome and smart, one of the big reasons that I fell in love with Nick was that he is the funniest person I know! He always keeps me laughing and smiling so much that my cheeks hurt. AND the fact that I found someone who loved ketchup as much as me, it was a match made in heaven!

Nick picked me up for what I thought was just a regular dinner out. He surprised me by taking me to our favorite restaurant, where we had our first date! We sat in the same exact chairs and everything! After ordering our favorite appetizer, he turned to me and asked where I was planning on moving once my lease was up. After telling him I didn’t have any plans yet, he responded with “I would love for you to come live with me… Will you marry me?” I was SO excited, I jumped up and said YES! Then I went and danced in the parking lot while I called my family to tell them the great news!

Stroudsmoor offers everything and anything you could possibly need for the perfect wedding day! From the moment we met their event planners, florist, lodging coordinator, photographer and salon team, we knew immediately that this was where we wanted to celebrate this very special day. The entire property is BEAUTIFUL. Every building is stunning and unique. The food is amazing and being a vegetarian, we were so impressed with the large variety of vegetarian and vegan options. The entire staff was so accommodating. We could not be happier with our choice!

Our wedding day was a dream come true. Not only did I get to marry my best friend, but it was so wonderful to have everyone that we love celebrating our love and commitment to each other. There were so many exciting aspects of the day, it is hard to name any part that was my favorite! Being that our wedding was “Kentucky Derby” themed, I will never forget getting out of the car with my husband to two beautiful horses at the front of the building… wearing big fancy hats with my bridesmaids… drinking mint juleps… eating food from the “Ketchup Bar”… taking pictures in the rain… and dancing up a storm! Our experience at the Stroudsmoor was amazing and it is because of their team that our entire day was flawless!

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