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Jeffrey an Jason Ketchledge-Sika

Married October 31, 2015 at Woodsgate

Jeffrey Ketchledge & Jason Sika – October 31, 2015 – Woodsgate

Woodsgate Pocono Wedding Venue

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Letter of Recommendation for Barbara, Linda and the Stroudsmoor Country Inn Crew

Dear Person Thinking of Getting Married at the Stroudsmoor,

You’re probably already blown away by the gorgeous scenery like the beautiful wooded area of Woodsgate to the castle-like magnificence of Terraview. And you should be, the Stroudsmoor really knows how to put out an elegant and beautiful engagement. Our first visit to the place was a YouTube video showing a Woodsgate wedding. It was everything we wanted and more, and when I say we I say me as my fiancée took a little coming around. Pretty much when we stepped foot on the property and he saw it he was on board.

We met with Barbara as you will, or with one of the other wonderful coordinators. She really helped us figure out what we wanted. We were flying blind walking in. Not having any idea of what to expect and overwhelmed by the enormity of “the wedding”. Our first meeting put everything at ease. This is what they do and they do it well. Barbara took us through the whole process from beginning to end. We knew before we even took the tour that this was the place that we were going to put our trust in for helping us have the best wedding we could. We toured almost the entire grounds as you will or have and it was breathtaking. We left knowing we made the right decision. And we were right, she stayed by our side through the whole thing all the way up until the moment we walked down the aisle. But that’s getting ahead of things.

Next time out was the bridal sampling event. That was a blast. The actual tasting took a while to get into but that is just because of the amount of people there because everyone knows this place is the go to for weddings. We met with various vendors and we had a great tasting of all the various foods they serve up here. They had me at mini Monte Cristo sandwiches. We met some other couples that were getting married at Stroudsmoor and everyone was just blown away by the way the Stroudsmoor really does make it a one stop shop for all wedding needs.

They have a good business model and I will attest that on your wedding day you will not even notice the other guests for other weddings at the various venues. I mean, obviously in the hotel, cottages, etc., there isn’t getting away from them, but it was never a bother or a hassle. But your day is your day and it feels as if you are the only one there.

Each visit to the Stroudsmoor was interesting and unique. We were invited to participate in a #LoveWins photoshoot that was to be featured on the website and The Knot magazine to celebrate the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling. They set us up in a beautiful suite (which turned out to be our honeymoon suite as well) and we had a great time with John the photographer. The magazine came out and our picture was in that! That was cool!

The day of the wedding came and it was a whirlwind! We had a couple outside vendors but everything worked smoothly. There was never a glitch or if there was we didn’t know about it. The grooms-women went to the spa to have their hair and makeup done and they looked beautiful! The weather was gorgeous and the beautiful autumn day was exactly as we hoped! We had a great wedding manager who really made sure that our day was perfect. Anything we needed he took care of professionally. I wanted him to come and manage our day to day life!

The reception was such a blast! The food was fantastic and the cake was a thing of beauty. We know tradition states that we are to freeze and then thaw the top and eat it on our one year anniversary but we dove into it in December. That just means we can go up to the Stroudsmoor and have it on our one year instead!
So yes, we highly recommend the Stroudsmoor to anyone thinking of getting married! We were never treated any differently for being a same-sex couple, they treated us just as they will or are treating everyone. Like family.

Jeffrey Ketchledge and Jason Sika


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