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Kristen and Michael

Married June 04, 2011 at Woodsgate

Kristen Atkins and Michael Holt – June 4, 2011 – Woodsgate

Woodsgate Pocono Wedding Venue

Woodsgate Details

How We Met

Michael and I met at an eye doctor’s office. I worked there and he was a long lost patient that was coming back after being m.i.a. for a few years. The first time I saw him….it was so bizarre because it seemed like I had met him before and felt an immediate connection. Love at first sight maybe? BUT…I was seeing someone and he was oblivious so it didn’t go further than me helping him pick out some sweet Armani frames and a little innocent flirting. It wasn’t until a year and a half later when he came back for an eye exam that I realized this wasn’t some little crush I had. The same feelings hit me again. And after his exam, he came in to the office several times for “problems with his contacts’ and “adjustments to his glasses.” Finally, (with a little prodding from a co-worker) I asked him out. Of course he said yes and we planned to go out the following weekend. Our first date was awesome. We realized we had a lot in common and a lot to talk about….and the laughter came so easily. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

The Proposal

A few weeks before Valentine’s Day 2010, Michael told me he wanted to go to Virginia and spend some time with my Dad since we hadn’t seen him for awhile. This wasn’t really a strange request as he and my father have such a great relationship and we always love to go visit. So, we made plans to go the weekend after V-day. We got there at about midnight on a Friday and right after we dropped our stuff in the guest bedroom, I went to my brother’s room to see him for a few minutes before he had to go to bed. Michael didn’t follow, which was a little strange. He had gone right over to talk to my dad and when I went to see where they were, I found them ‘behind closed doors’ having a very hushed conversation. Honestly, I just thought they were scheming something because the two of them always come up with shenanigans when they get together. The next morning, we got up to go to breakfast. Michael was acting very strange. He was looking at me funny….and not really talking (which is definitely out of the ordinary for Michael). Finally he asked me if I remembered the first movie we had watched together. (It’s one of our favorite movies!) I said “Of course, Ace Ventura…why?” He pulled it out of his duffle bag. I was confused so I said “We don’t have time to watch it, we’re supposed to be going out to breakfast!” He told me to turn the case over, so I did. One the back of the case was a post-it that read: ‘Will you marry me so we can laugh together for the rest of our lives?’ And as I read it, he got down on one knee and pulled out the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen!!!

Our wedding day at the Stroudsmoor was a dream come true. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful venue. Not only was the year leading up to the wedding virtually stress free because of all the help they gave us, but the day went off without the slightest wrinkle. The flowers were amazing. The decorations were fantastic. But the thing that made the whole experience unforgettable, was the outstanding staff who were always there no matter what the request or problem. I would recommend the Stroudsmoor to any couple looking to have a ‘Dream Wedding.’

Details: Bride’s dress was by Galina. Rings by Vivian Skye.

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