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Lianna and Scott

Married May 21, 2015 at Terraview

Lianna DeLuise & Scott DeSantis – May, 21, 2015 – Terraview

Terraview Pocono Wedding Venue

Terraview Details

Scott and I met at work, we worked for 2 different companies that worked close together on a lot of jobs. We then began to work for the same company.

He was handsome, an insane worker, and exactly the person I never envisioned myself marrying, so for some reason that drew me in.

Oh what a story this is! I’ll try and give you the stripped down version! It was my birthday, so he planned an entire day that I had no idea about. I woke up and he made me my favorite breakfast while I watched sex and the city and gave me my first letter of 6! Following that, he dropped me off at the spa to get fully pampered, where I had fruit, champagne and letter #2 of 6 waiting for me. Then after an amazing massage, he picked me up and dropped me off a a great restaurant to have lunch with some of my closest family and friends, where letter #3 was waiting on my table. He then picked me up, and we went home to change, when I got home I had an entire table full of gifts and wine waiting for me, and letter #4! He then took me to a beautiful winery where we sat and drank wine and then got a private tour of the inner workings of the winery. After that we headed to my absolute favorite restaurant about an hour away, where somehow he already had letter #5 waiting for me when our dessert came out. After a delicious dinner, we headed back to town to have drinks with my entire family and “end our night”. We got to the bar and all my family and friends were there to celebrate my birthday with me. As the night went on he kept asking if I wanted to go down the street to listen to one of or favorite local artists play at a bar that we frequent. Somehow he got the entire group of 20+ people to follow us to the bar down the street. After being there for a bit, the singer that we were there to see invited Scott up to play along with him to a song!! This alone was a dream come true, I have ALWAYS wanted to see him play the guitar. They started playing our favorite song as I was blubbering in excitement, and to top it off, half way through the song he put his guitar down, walked up to me, kneeled down, and asked me to marry him!! I SAID YES. And no this wasn’t it, I turn around to hug and kiss my family, and there are all the waiters and waitresses with trays of champagne for a toast along with a beautiful gluten free cake from my favorite local baker make, and letter #6 of 6! An absolutely perfect birthday and engagement!

Stroudsmoor is such a beautiful location. The grounds and buildings are naturally so amazing, and the staff just made everything perfect! We didn’t stress, AT ALL! We knew it was the one place that we wouldn’t have to worry about a thing and the staff would make sure our day went just as we wanted it to.

Our wedding day was everything we had ever dreamed it to be! From the music (which was the band that played when we got engaged), to the food, to the amazing staff that made every little worry go away, we had the absolute perfect day and wouldn’t have wanted it to be anywhere else.

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