Sheila and Lynne McNabb-Gage

Married May 14, 2016 at Auradell

Sheila and Lynne – May 14, 2016 – Auradell

Auradell Pocono Wedding Venue

Auradell Details

Sheila how and where you and Lynn meet . . .

Lynne and I worked together in a small assembly plant. She warmed up to me by striking up a friendship and bringing me coffee every morning before work. Lynne schmoozed her way into my heart. Even though my friends warned her away from Lynne, our friendship deepened and over time we became a couple. Unfortunately at that time our love was not celebrated or accepted. Lynn and I reconnected after a 14 year separation. One simple e-mail and one simple comment (I am content) started us on the road back to each other. And what a journey it was!!

What silly little thing made you fall in love . . .

We loved the silly humor that we shared even when no one else “gets it”. Lynne brought out the funny side in Sheila. Sheila admired Lynne’s integrity and her willingness to be herself!! Lynne admired Sheila’s loyalty and loving heart and her ability to “have a good time” no matter what adventure they share.

Who proposed and who said yes . . .

We had a very unique proposal. Lynne was standing at our front door when she mentioned to me (Sheila) that she would like to have my grandfather’s ring redesigned and made into an engagement ring. Poor Lynne–she beat around the bush–never really asking “the question”, so I never got to say YES, but I did say “I do” on May 14th, 2016. ? Why did you choose Stroudsmoor for your wedding celebration . . . We began our search for a venue in June of 2015 after the Supreme Court made it legal nationwide to be married. We had scoped out a few places closer to where we lived, but they never really felt quite right. In August we had an appointment with Linda and we knew we had found our beautiful backdrop for our wedding. We had such a comfortable and welcoming experience during our first appointment. It just fit. We felt it was going to be a Good Time. Lynne even found and purchased our perfect cake topper that first day in the Stroudsmoor Bridal Registry. The planning was so smooth and stress-free. Linda and her staff took care of every detail and even a few unforeseen extras at the last minute.

A message about your wedding day – the experience, something you will never forget . . .

Our wedding day had so many wonderful moments. Linda’s surprise “First Look” immediately preceding the ceremony was great. Lynne felt calm after that and knew the day was going to be a Good Time. Linda even arranged matching umbrellas for the trip down the aisle. Just to keep the wedding party from getting soggy. The “burying the bourbon” and the consequent digging up of the bourbon after the ceremony was a fun little extra that our guests really enjoyed. And, then there was the FOOD!!! Amazing hors d’oeuvres, entrees and cake all came with our package. So much delicious food . . . our guests were definitely well fed. We so appreciate Linda and the Stroudsmoor Staff’s attention to detail and making our day amazing.


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