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Meghan and Tom

Married July 20, 2012 at Lawnhaven

Meghan McDevitt and Tom Keegan – July 20, 2012 – Lawnhaven

Lawnhaven Pocono Wedding Venue

Lawnhaven Details

Tom and I, first met at my favorite pub. I was there with my sister Marissa. Tom was there with his friend Jayme, who is a very close friend of my entire family. Tom and Jayme came over to talk and before long Tom asked me to go on a date with him… to church! After forcing myself to stop laughing, Tom explained that many years prior, Tom and his family would sit behind me and my family at church. He explained that church “wasn’t so bad when he was able to sit behind me”. I was very flattered by his adorable story but was not interested. Whenever I saw him over the next four years and would refer to him as “church boy.”

One night, I was out celebrating my friend’s the new job. I was just concluding my rant about how I didn’t even want to look at a guy when Tom walked in. It was a moment I will never forget. He’s eyes widened and he just smiled at me. We spent the entire night talking and drinking dirty martinis (my favorite). Tom and I have never looked back.

The first wedding Tom and I went to as a couple was at Stroudsmoor. It was amazing and we compared every other wedding to it.

Tom proposed to me a few weeks before our 3 year anniversary. It was a complete surprise because I thought he was going to “pop the question” while we were in Disney celebrating.

We didn’t plan anything for two months. Tom and I knew what type of wedding we didn’t want but we weren’t exactly sure on what we did want. Finally one night we started making progress on our “vision” for our wedding. As we discussed what we wanted and pictured, Tom realized it was Stroudsmoor! We made an appointment and knew it was perfect for us within minutes. I remember, as Linda gave us a tour, Tom tugged at my sleeve and whispered, “Let’s get married here.” Stroudsmoor was definitely the rustic elegance we were looking for.

We planned our amazingly perfect wedding in four months. We used Stroudsmoor’s services for everything! We would not change one second of our wedding…not even the rain.

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