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Rebecca and Matthew Schill

Married October 22, 2016 at Terraview

Rebecca Snyder and Matthew Schill – October 22, 2016 – Terraview

Terraview Pocono Wedding Venue

Terraview Details

Matt and I met online. I was getting ready for my best friends engagement dinner (she met her husband online as well) when she finally talked me into joining. We were both on match for maybe 2 weeks when I liked 1 of Matt’s photos and he sent me a long message about himself and what he was looking for. We instantly connected on that level and talked all day every day. We exchanged phone numbers and started talking on the phone. We decided to meet only a short week later! Call me crazy but I just had this amazing feeling about him. My best friend was the only one I told where and when I was meeting him. (At his house ha,ha) he had the boys and once they were in bed I went over and we watched a movie.

When we met I knew he was the one for me. He was everything I could have ever hoped for in a husband. He was caring, genuine, sweet, he loved his kids and he made sure I knew they always came first. He made me laugh more than anyone ever had. I could be my complete self.

How did Matt propose….. well funny you should ask… matt had called me and told me he was going to be late. Late for him was like 5pm. He started work at that point at 3am. So I went and hung out with my sister. Her and my best friend were in on the proposal. As the night got later and later I needed to get home to our dogs so I left my sisters angry matt was taking so long at 6pm. My sister text him and told him there was no stopping me I had left. Matt was still down at the mall picking up my ring. Lol matt had a huge surprise planned that ended up being a complete fail because I am one stubborn woman. Haha I was super angry standing in the kitchen doing dishes when matt came in from work. We didn’t talk when he got home I was super mad. He went up and changed and came back down and I still wouldn’t look at him. It was 8pm at this point and I was starving for dinner. I was standing with the freezer open looking at what to make and he was on the other side and asked if I was going to marry him… I said we already had this conversation yes I am going to marry you but right now I want to figure out dinner. When I closed the freezer door he had the ring in his hand and said no will you marry me. I of course laughed and called him a jerk and then hugged him and said yes. He never made it down to one knee. He made fun of me all night for being angry about him being so late when he couldn’t tell me why. Our relationship was fair from the “normal” so why would his proposal and my response be anything less than that. It’s what makes us and I wouldn’t change any of it. (Even when I told Matt I wanted everyone there and pictures captured etc.) it was far from that. LOL

Stroudsmoor was the first venue we even saw. I had appointments elsewhere however cancelled and booked with you the same day we saw you. I knew when I met you (Linda) she would make sure our day was perfect. When we saw Terraview for the first time I knew I would feel like a princess. We had options to do an inside or outside wedding. We both always wanted a fall wedding. You (Linda) went over everything that would be included and we’re so quick in responding to all of my needs and wants. We could not have dreamed of a better place for our wedding with the help of the best people!

The entire wedding day was so memorable. The entire weekend was. I did not have a stress in the world the day of. We were treated like family by all the members of the staff. Anything I needed all I had to do was ask. My father died when I was 15. He used to send me 6 white roses for Valentine’s Day. Matt made sure I had those 6 white roses on our wedding day so I knew he was with me. The staff helped him go above and beyond to make sure I received them and that everything was perfect. We are so, so, so lucky to have our Stroudsmoor family!


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