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Stephanie and Thomas

Married July 13, 2013 at Lawnhaven

Stephanie Moskowitz and Thomas Corbo Wedding – July 13, 2013 – Lawnhaven

Lawnhaven Pocono Wedding Venue

Lawnhaven Details

How We Met: Tommy and I have known each other for many years. He played baseball with my older brother and had my father as a coach since Little League. We knew of each other but never knew each other personally. We started talking my sophomore year (Tommy’s junior year) in high school. One day after school, I needed a ride home and Tommy offered to drive me. I gave him my phone number, not knowing that he had gotten it from my brother weeks before. Tommy called me that night to hang out with some friends and the rest was history!

Falling in Love: Tommy and I have always had a great relationship. We can always have a good time no matter what the circumstances are and we can laugh at and with one another. Tommy knows how to come back to my sarcastic comments and I know that I’m always in for an adventure. We both know how to make each other laugh and we’re honest with each other and that is made us fall in love and what keeps our relationship strong.

The Proposal: Tommy and I were trying to get active again after winter and I had suggested that we go hiking soon. My younger brother had a baseball game that I wanted to go to the day after St. Patrick’s Day, but it ended up not working out. That’s when Tommy asked me if I wanted to go hiking. We drove to the Delaware Water Gap and hiked all the way to the top (about 2 hours). Once we got to the top we found a nice quiet place to sit down and cool off. We brought some snacks and water and had music playing on our phones. We were sitting down for a while just enjoying the beautiful weather when Tommy started saying what was meant to be a really sweet speech. I guess his nerves got in the way because he merged “We’ve been through a lot” and “We’ve had a lot of ups and downs”, and it came out “We’ve thrown up a lot”! I noticed that he was getting “weird” and I guess he noticed the confusion on my face when he pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him. Since I was partially in shock, my first instinct was to ask Tommy if he talked to my dad! Of course he had asked them and I did not hesitate to say yes!

Choosing Stroudsmoor: We had looked that the Stroudsmoor and the staff showed us Terraview and Ridgecrest. We weren’t sure exactly how many people we were going to have, but we really liked the property. It came down to the Stroudsmoor and one other venue in NJ. Tommy’s a woodsy guy and liked the environment at the Stroudsmoor and insisted that I bring my mom to see it. When I scheduled an appointment, we had narrowed our guest list to the 150-160 range and the staff showed us Lawnhaven. I fell in love with the indoor/ourdoor possibility of Lawnhaven. I also wanted the 7/13/13 date (but wasn’t getting my hopes up). We sat down with Linda after seeing Lawnhaven and she told us she had 2 availabilities for July 2013, a Sunday at the end of the month, and Saturday the 13th! I booked it on the spot without Tommy even seeing Lawnhaven.

Our Wedding Day: I can’t even begin to express what a fantastic time we had at our wedding. Our guests are still sending my mom, Tommy’s mom, and me messages about how much fun they had. At the cocktail hour, the waiters and waitresses just kept coming; we didn’t even know how many people were working, because everyone that walked by was someone different with new hors devours! At one point during the reception, we were on the dance floor and looked around, and all of our guests were up dancing. I cannot pick one thing about the Stroudsmoor that I liked the best, because everything was truly perfect. From the rehearsal dinner, to breakfast the following morning, every single person from the Stroudsmoor staff was unbelievably helpful, friendly, and kept the food and drinks coming!

Steph & Tommy

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