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David Kidwell

“Being on the preferred vendor list at Stroudsmoor Country Inn is a professionals’ reward for their hard work. It means your work excels in every area and that you meet the strict requirements all Stroudsmoor employees are held to.

I’m proud to be among a small group of my peers whom are on the recommended list of wedding photographers. I made the list by working hard and producing creative work. But it takes more than hard work and talent to make the list. It also takes professionalism and enthusiasm. Over the years I’ve proven to Andy and Linda Forte that I exude both. And ,of course, those are two traits every engaged couple want in their vendors.

Engaged couples are the real beneficiaries of the relationship between preferred vendors and the staff at Stroudsmoor. When couples are handed that list, they know they can trust everyone on it with a key aspect of their wedding day. The list saves countless hours of searching and researching. Of course, the vendors benefit as well. Throughout the year Stroudsmoor connects me with couples looking for a wedding photographer. I am always grateful for the opportunity to share my work and offer my services to couples looking for a photographer.

Being on the list means I work at every venue at Stroudsmooor- and work there often. That means I know the property well and can help couples budget their time for vital photo opportunities on the wedding day. That’s key on a day when time is so important.

Preferred vendors also develop strong relationships with all of the wedding planners at Stroudsmoor. When all of your vendors are connected to your wedding planner it makes the day go much smoother. We are always on the same page and stay in constant contact on the wedding day. That’s yet another benefit for engaged couples as a result of the close relationship between preferred vendors and the staff at Stroudsmoor Country Inn.”

– David Kidwell