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Joshua Miller

“As wedding photographer who has shot weddings at Stroudsmoor for over 6 years I can say few places are able to meet the standard that Stroudsmoor has set.  From the beautiful venue settings to the staff and the food, Stroudsmoor has all angles covered.  Couples can go into their wedding day knowing they are truly being taken care of by people who care.  As a business owner I can tell you nothing is more important than that personal connection.

Stroudsmoor is family run and you can tell right as you step on the grounds.  I have worked closely with the entire family and you can feel their passion for the industry.  When it comes to Linda and Andy I have never met more hardworking owners.  They will go out of their way to accommodate and make every wedding day as perfect as possible.  These leadership quality’s go right down the line through the entire staff.  At Stroudsmoor I can always tell couples they will never have to worry, and they will be able to really enjoy their wedding day.

I feel honored and almost spoiled to have been able to work with Stroudsmoor and look forward to many years of amazing weddings to come.”

– Joshua Miller