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“When I think of Stroudsmoor, I think of family. I think of perfection. I think of love. All of these words embody what I feel when I photograph a wedding at Stroudsmoor.

I have been a Stroudsmoor preferred vendor for over 25 years. When I photograph there, I am surrounded by family. The driving force behind this elite venue is the family. They host every event as if it was their own. Everyone counts and is included. I feel such appreciation when I am there. It feels like coming home.

Every event is perfect. There is never a detail overlooked. I can honestly say, in all of my years photographing at Stroudsmoor, everything is of the highest standard. This demonstrates to me the standard of excellence Stroudsmoor places on every event, be it a luncheon for a few friends, or an extravagant wedding.

I love Stroudsmoor because it is a wonderful place to work. They love what they do, which makes me love what I do that much more. Weddings celebrate love and Stroudsmoor celebrates this love in the most beautiful and memorable way.

To be a preferred vendor for Stroudsmoor is an honor that I don’t take lightly. To work for the best in the business, which Stroudsmoor is, means I bring my best to every job I photograph. I strive to emulate Stroudsmoor and work with passion, integrity and professionalism.”

– Susie Forrester

“As wedding photographer who has shot weddings at Stroudsmoor for over 6 years I can say few places are able to meet the standard that Stroudsmoor has set.  From the beautiful venue settings to the staff and the food, Stroudsmoor has all angles covered.  Couples can go into their wedding day knowing they are truly being taken care of by people who care.  As a business owner I can tell you nothing is more important than that personal connection.

Stroudsmoor is family run and you can tell right as you step on the grounds.  I have worked closely with the entire family and you can feel their passion for the industry.  When it comes to Linda and Andy I have never met more hardworking owners.  They will go out of their way to accommodate and make every wedding day as perfect as possible.  These leadership quality’s go right down the line through the entire staff.  At Stroudsmoor I can always tell couples they will never have to worry, and they will be able to really enjoy their wedding day.

I feel honored and almost spoiled to have been able to work with Stroudsmoor and look forward to many years of amazing weddings to come.”

– Joshua Miller

“Being on the preferred vendor list at Stroudsmoor Country Inn is a professionals’ reward for their hard work. It means your work excels in every area and that you meet the strict requirements all Stroudsmoor employees are held to.

I’m proud to be among a small group of my peers whom are on the recommended list of wedding photographers. I made the list by working hard and producing creative work. But it takes more than hard work and talent to make the list. It also takes professionalism and enthusiasm. Over the years I’ve proven to Andy and Linda Forte that I exude both. And ,of course, those are two traits every engaged couple want in their vendors.

Engaged couples are the real beneficiaries of the relationship between preferred vendors and the staff at Stroudsmoor. When couples are handed that list, they know they can trust everyone on it with a key aspect of their wedding day. The list saves countless hours of searching and researching. Of course, the vendors benefit as well. Throughout the year Stroudsmoor connects me with couples looking for a wedding photographer. I am always grateful for the opportunity to share my work and offer my services to couples looking for a photographer.

Being on the list means I work at every venue at Stroudsmooor- and work there often. That means I know the property well and can help couples budget their time for vital photo opportunities on the wedding day. That’s key on a day when time is so important.

Preferred vendors also develop strong relationships with all of the wedding planners at Stroudsmoor. When all of your vendors are connected to your wedding planner it makes the day go much smoother. We are always on the same page and stay in constant contact on the wedding day. That’s yet another benefit for engaged couples as a result of the close relationship between preferred vendors and the staff at Stroudsmoor Country Inn.”

– David Kidwell

“I am always pleased to recommend Stroudsmoor Country Inn for anyone who is looking for a venue that is not only beautiful, but whose staff is always professional, always courteous. When the staff at Stroudsmoor comes to work, they never to forget that the gatherings they are hosting are the most special times of their clients’ lives.

As a photographer on Stroudsmoor’s recommended vendor list, I’m always happy to be working at one of their venues. The staff at Stroudsmoor is ever thorough to the last detail. Guests wake up on the day of their weddings relaxed knowing their every need is taken care of. When the guests are happy, relaxed and having a wonderful time I can concentrate on the moments unfolding and the smiles come naturally.

Working with the Stroudsmoor staff is truly a team effort to create a memorable day. I’m proud to be part of that team.”

– David W. Coulter, photographer

“I’ve been working as a preferred vendor with Stroudsmoor for over 12 years and can say there is no other place like it. Their venues are all unique and not only from other wedding venues, but also distinct from each other. From the mountain views at Ridgecrest, the charm of Woodsgate, the magic of Terraview, and the intimacy of Lawnhaven, it is always a pleasure for me to photograph there. Not only because it is so photogenic, but because the management and staff are experienced and caring professionals that make everything run smoothly, which in turn helps me make the excellent photos I strive for.”

– Bill Cardoni