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Janelle and Aidan Wlach

Married January 30, 2016 at Terraview

Janelle Schwiep and Adian Wlach – January 30, 2016 – Terraview

Terraview Pocono Wedding Venue

Terraview Details

Stroudsmoor Country Inn - Stroudsburg - Poconos - Real Weddings - Bride And Groom Backed By Snow Covered MountainsAidan and I met at a wedding, when a good friend of mine married a good friend of his. These friends had, in fact, been trying to set us up for a few years, but life in NYC (where we live) is often busy and hectic so they never managed to get both of us to any of their social gatherings. It turned out they had to get married for me and Aidan to be in the same place at the same time. Lucky for them, and lucky for us. Fittingly, their wedding was away from the city, and those of us close to the bride and groom spent the whole weekend there. Our friends’ instincts had been correct and Aidan and I were drawn to each other and developed a connection that would continue to grow and strengthen over the months we dated. We knew early on that we had something special together and began thinking in terms of a future together, talking about marriage and looking at rings. Being old-fashioned folk, however, it was important to us to get my parents’ blessing before becoming engaged and we decided that Aidan would speak to my father one weekend that we were visiting my parents. When we arrived, I found a reason to leave the two of them alone for a while, foolishly forgetting that there was a baseball game on. I returned to find them indeed discussing the future, but the future of the two teams’ rivalry and various rookies’ prospects. After several more excuses to go to various parts of the house to give Aidan yet another opportunity, I heard my father (from the laundry room this time) going to bed. I went back to the living room thinking Aidan had not summoned the courage to bring it up, but realized I was wrong when I saw him excitedly pacing the room with a spring in his step. He had asked and my father had been delighted for us! I was so happy and looking forward to becoming engaged, completely unaware of how soon it would be; Aidan was so excited that he couldn’t bear to wait. He reached into his bag and went down on one knee then and there. Although we’d been talking about it, I hadn’t realized that he’d even bought the ring, let alone was ready to propose. I was completely surprised and absolutely thrilled! Aidan and I wanted to get married outside of NYC and decided that PA, where I am from, would be ideal because we both love the area and plan to move there when we leave the city. We did some searching online and had our choices narrowed down to the Stroudsmoor Country Inn and one other venue. We happened to visit the Stroudsmoor first and immediately cancelled our other visit, knowing that here our wedding would be perfect! Throughout the planning everyone was so kind and helpful, and we truly felt that their priority was helping us create our dream wedding day while keeping us on schedule and within budget. Aidan and I both enjoy the winter and fell in love with the Terraview’s beautiful stone presence with its snowy mountain background, and the décor within was no less stunning. The fireplaces were blazing, perfect for a cozy winter atmosphere, while the gorgeous chandeliers and tapestries upheld its natural elegance. Our guests were in awe of the incredible and delicious assortment of hors d’oeuvres during the cocktail hour, as well as their meals and the cake, and delighted with the attentive and professional service. We had an absolutely perfect day; we are still amazed at how wonderful everything was, and so are our friends and family who continue to rave about the beautiful venue, courteous service, and delicious food!


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