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Stroudsmoor offers many of the services you require for the seamless execution of your wedding celebration — services that will ensure every moment of the planning process is enjoyable, productive, and stress-free.

Our pledge is to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime, making certain that your wedding day is a dream come true!

Meet the Team

Stroudsmoor Event Planner

Woman checks guest in at Terraview podium

When you book your wedding at the Inn, you are immediately assigned one of our dedicated Event Planners who will work with you throughout the entirety of the planning process. She’ll ensure that every step of the way, up through your celebration, is enjoyable and stress-free.

With her guidance, you’ll meet every one of our experts and professionals, from our Floral & Décor Team and Lodging Specialists to our expansive list of recommended professionals, which includes photographers, DJs, musicians, officiates, and more. Your event planner will make sure that you have all the right tools and team members at your disposal to bring your dream wedding to life.

Group Lodging Reservationist

Working alongside your Stroudsmoor event planner, our Group Lodging Reservationist assists you in making lodging arrangements for both yourself and your partner as well as your guests. With nearly 70 charming guest accommodations, our reservationist will help you create a room block perfectly matched to your specific needs. Our reservationist will also assist with organizing and deliver hostess gifts, pre-ceremony dressing snacks, and even romantic touches for your wedding night. Her services are included at no additional cost – you and your guests will pay only for the lodging accommodations selected.

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Bridal Studio Coordinator

As a part of our one-stop-shop experience, Stroudsmoor’s Spa and Bridal Studio is located right on property. Our Bridal Studio Coordinator, versed in all things wellness and beauty, will assist with everything from wedding hair and makeup (including consults and trials) to facials, nail care, aromatherapy, and more. The decision to employ our inhouse beauty professionals is left entirely up to the couple.

Bouquet of pink and green florals

Floral & Décor Team

Conveniently located in the same building as our Event Office, our Event Planners work closely with the Floral & Décor team. With our planners’ gentle guidance and our accredited floral designers’ innate skill, you can be certain that the vision you have for your wedding day will be brought to life. Our team not only handles the curation of things like personal florals and reception centerpieces, but also anything from ceremony draping, sweetheart tablescape design, aisle and welcome signs, table numbers, and so much more, all the while striving to maintain your budget. 

Reception Supervisor & Couple's Coordinator

Your reception supervisor and couple’s coordinator work together throughout the day of the wedding to ensure all of the plans you made with your event planner are carried out seamlessly. The Couple’s Coordinator is a senior member of our serving staff that will cater to yours and your partner’s needs throughout the entirety of your celebration. Meanwhile, the Floor Supervisor works with our kitchen staff, wait staff, and any vendors (like photographers, entertainers, etc.) to make sure all goes to plan.

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Stroudsmoor Photography & Production Studio

Stroudsmoor Photography & Production Studio is located right on Stroudsmoor Country Inn’s sprawling 200+ acres, enabling our couples easy access to a talented hub of photographers and event specialists.

Situated snuggly within one of the Inn’s six diverse venues against the backdrop of the Northeast’s surrounding Pocono Mountains, our production professionals provide clients access to film-quality video, as well as premier wedding and boutique portrait photography with all the natural beauty our stunning landscape has to offer.

However, our production studio’s services hardly end with photography and videography.

Our team and recommended professionals also offer entertainment services like DJing and lighting, but also photobooths, cold sparks, dances on the clouds, and other enhancements meant to make your wedding celebration completely unique to you.