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Jay Jackson and Dylan Trieu

Married December 31, 2022 at Terraview

Tell us how and where you met each other?

Dylan and I met on a dating app. So our first date was when we met for the first time in person after about a week of talking to one another. It was a great and tiny sushi restaurant in Manhattan. The food was wonderful and so was the date.

What was your first impression of one another, and the day you knew you would be together forever?

My first impression of Dylan was he’s grounded and smart. I knew the day we traveled with my crazy family and he didn’t run screaming for the jersey parkway that this man would be mine forever if he’d have me.

My first impression of Jay was tall, dark, and handsome. I really wanted to know what was behind all that to the person he is. I saw how confident and assertive he was and that’s what really drew me to him besides the things we share in common like movies, music, and a fondness for pets.

Tell us about the proposal?

August 2020, we were in the thick of the pandemic. But luckily as a Leo i had a birthday coming up so i used the “special occasion” of my birthday to get us out of the house. Meanwhile my friend at the restaurant was setting everything up for me. The restaurant is a small boat downtown and my friend managed to get us the captains table all to ourselves. Just before dessert i popped the question and it took about 1 minute for the shock to wear off before he blurted out “of course!” And my friend was filming the entire thing and the entire boat and some of the city on the docked launched into a roaring applause it was truly magical.

Tell us what led you to Stroudsmoor and your reason for celebrating at the Inn?

Dylan and I looked for a Venue for about a year. Between the typical wedding issues on our end: “too this, too that, not special, etc.” and the Blanca t discrimination we faced from other vendors we were honestly at a loss. Then we decided to give it one last shot. We drove to a house that would’ve been okay but would’ve been way too much effort to produce the event on. So on the way home we hopped on google and found Stroudsmoor! I’m pretty sure they were setting up a prom at Ridgecrest. Immediately as we drove up we were obsessed with the views, it felt so special and magical there. I walked into the hall and begged the DJ to give me the info i needed to start planning our wedding. Then we met the team at Stroudsmoor. To say they made us feel good would be an understatement. Linda saw Dylan and I, as we are a couple in love starting our lives out. As did everyone there the entire way through planning.

What was the one menu and décor detail you loved most about your celebration?

We were obsessed with our Kingly Lion Chairs. As two men getting married it was pretty difficult to turn everything from boy girl to boy boy and Stroudsmoor did it so well! We also were obsessed with our cocktail hours, people are still telling us about hors d’oeuvres that they loved. The variety was insane and so delicious.

What made your Stroudsmoor Wedding Journey most memorable?

About two weeks before our wedding, my mother was very frustrated with the size of our venue. The minutia was beginning to drive me insane. Linda of course completely saved the day. She upgraded our entire venue to a larger more accommodating space. This generosity completely changed the scope of my event in all of the best ways. As we know budgets are a thing and for us to have such an extravagant and large space really added a ambience and vibe to our wedding that made it the best New Year’s Eve we or any of our guests have had.

Share a hope for your first anniversary.

Hopefully by next new years Dylan and I will be on the road to fatherhood while maybe moving into our forever home.

Vendors and Services Provided

Flowers Stroudsmoor Floral & Décor Team
Wedding Cake Stroudsmoor Inn Towne Bakery
Catering Stroudsmoor Country Inn
DJ Baseline Productions (@baselineep)
Photography & Video Ryan Edelson (@respectfullyryan)

Here are a few photos that tell their wedding day story . . .

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