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Rodrigues/Mahon Wedding

Married May 03, 2019 at Terraview

Samantha and Shawn Mahon

05/03/2019 – Terraview

We first met in 11th grade chemistry class.

He was a head football player and he needed to get good grades in order to continue to play. Our teacher sat us together, so he would get help with the assignments.

Our first impressions of each other

Shawn’s answer: My first impression about you, Samantha Nicole Rodrigues, is that you were very outgoing and fun to be around. This made class more fun to come to because I got to sit next to you and “flirt.” When we got to do projects outside of school, it got me out of my shell and gave me a reason to hang out (with a hot chick). As the days went on I realized you were more a joy to be around and here we are …

Samantha’s answer: My first impression of you was that you had the cutest smile, and your clothes always smelled so good, and then I heard your laugh. Your laugh is the most contagious laugh there is and you have always been able to make my days better from the first day I laid my eyes on you. Over the years you’ve become my best friend, greatest supporter, my person, and now my husband and I couldn’t be happier.

The proposal was absolutely perfect.

On December 27th, 2019 we were exchanging Christmas gifts because he worked over the holiday and after exchanging our gifts, he said he had one more gift for Winnie (our puppy). He had a dog tag made that said “Will you marry me?” on a pink collar (after telling me she didn’t need a NEW pink collar). He placed the collar perfectly in the bag and told me to just lift the tissue paper off the top. Well, I don’t follow instructions very well and I opened it up and thought it was just a pink collar. He told me to read the tag out loud (probably while rolling his eyes) and after I did, I looked up he was on one knee in front of the tree. Naturally, the first thing I did was yell at him, and then of course I said YES to marrying my best friend!

As a little girl I have always dreamed of getting married in a castle. Disney world is a little far-fetched for me to travel and have all our family and friends to surround us. So, when my mom found the Stroudsmoor, I knew from the second I saw the photos I was going to fall in love. When we visited for the first time, there was no need to look any further. Terraview was the perfect castle for me to marry my best friend, not to mention Linda completely took us under her wing and gave us every little detail (that we can handle as a newly engaged couple) and made our decision that much easier.

Our most loved wedding details

This is such a hard question to answer. We truly loved every detail from big to small. The fact that the staff was so accommodating in every little aspect, whether we ran out of cigars for the cigar bar, or when I needed glue for my eye lash that kept falling off. Noone ever batted an eye, they made it happen instantly. The not so little detail I can’t stop think about was how beautiful the cake/cake table looked, not to mention the taste was phenomenal. Overall, it was the most perfect flawless day ever.

And the food?

For Shawn hands down the stuffed loin of pork dinner. For Samantha it would be all the hors d’oeuvre, but especially the scallops.

Although the entire day was amazing and we loved every second of it. Shawn and I both agree that our first look was our absolute favorite moment from the entire day. It was so hard for us not to speak or see each other all day and to have that moment where it was just the 2 of us for the first time in what seemed like forever of not seeing each other it was truly perfect, and very emotional.

About our vendors

Invitation: Stroudsmoor – Custom Design – “Marry Today” Paper: White with Charcoal/Slate Ink and Silver Glitter. Pocket in Lavender. Proof Sample available.
Dress Designer: Calla Blanche
Tux/Suit: Michael Kors
Flowers: Stroudsmoor Floral and Décor Team (photos will be submitted with the story following the wedding)
Cake: Old-world stack with round layers and smooth icing with cascading flowers down. The wedding cake flavor is Strawberries and cream, and the second flavor was Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte
Photographer: Bill Cardoni
Videographer: 570 Entertainment
Entertainment: Penn Strings for Ceremony and Cocktail Hour. Reception Music by 570 Entertainment

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