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Stroudsmoor Couple Welcomes Sweet Family Addition Following Their 1st Anniversary

Family-owned and operated for 40 years, Stroudsmoor Country Inn loves to see all the ways in which our couples’ own families grow following their wedding celebrations.

Recently, Juliet and Dave Erickson, who were married at Woodsgate on September 30th of last year, expanded their party of two by one-third, welcoming a sweet baby boy named Andrew. Andrew, pictured below, was born just over a week following their first wedding anniversary. Embracing everything that comes with being a new mom, Juliet stopped to reflect on what a wonderful whirlwind of a year she and Dave have shared since saying, “I do.”

Thinking abour their wedding, Juliet shared, “We look back so fondly on our beautiful day [at Stroudsmoor].”

In the days after their Woodsgate celebration, Juliet and Dave sat and considered the highlights of their wedding planning process, all of which you can read about here. At the end of their Real Wedding Story, they shared their hopes for their first anniversary which were, “We hope to be settled into our new home, continuing to enjoy our lives together, and to improve as individuals and as a couple each and every day.”

Looking back over the last year, it’s fascinating to see just how quickly life can throw the most joyous wrench in the works. Below, the new mom shares all of the fun and exciting things that have taken place since hers and Dave’s Woodsgate wedding. 

A Wild Honeymoon Adventure in the South Pacific

With a whimsical wedding ceremony set among the early fall foliage of the Pocono Mountains, Juliet and Dave decided to take their honeymoon to a completely different environment, in an entirely different region of the globe.

Mrs. Erickson shared, “After settling into our new home and spending our first holidays together as a married couple, we flew all the way across the globe for our honeymoon in New Zealand and Australia.” 

The Ericksons’ honeymoon saw the couple in a number of diverse environments and locations across the South Pacific. 

“Our honeymoon…started on the north island of New Zealand, then the South Island, then across the Tasman Sea to Melbourne, down to Tasmania, and ended up in Sydney.” 

Couple kneels beside kangaroo

The couple’s trip was a worthwhile one, bringing them face to face with exotic species throughout the region.

Juliet said, “Along the way we hiked extinct volcanoes, saw waterfalls, black sand beaches, numerous sounds, places where they filmed Lord of the Rings, a cave, mountains, gorgeous beaches, and of course super interesting flora and fauna; some in the wild, some at wildlife preserves.”

“We got to pet some kangaroos, saw a platypus, echidnas (my favorite monotreme), wombats, koalas, Tasmanian devils, dingoes, wallabies, kookaburras, penguins, bioluminescent glow worms, albatross, seals, etc. Once in Sydney we explored the harbour, hung out at the beach, visited the opera house, and scaled the Sydney Harbour Bridge.”

The photo below shows Dave and Juliet at the top of Sydney Harbor Bridge, but little did they know at the time that three of them had actually ascended the bridge.

Couple climbs to top of Sydney Harbour Bridge

Juliet explained, “If I had known at the time that I was pregnant they would have never let me climb to the top.”

Fortunately, Juliet was able to experience the full extent of her honeymoon right alongside her new husband, welcoming baby Andrew Erickson on October 12, 2023. 

Juliet concluded, “Now we have a beautiful boy that sometimes acts like a joey wanting to be on mommy.”

We could not be happier for the Ericksons and we look forward to seeing all of the ways little Andrew continues to grow in the next year. 

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