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Vanessa and Jaquel Kryskiewicz

Married April 03, 2021 at Ridgecrest

Vanessa and Jaquel Kryskiewicz

04/3/21 – Ridgecrest

How and where did you meet?

We met on a dating app called Hinge. Our first date was drinks at a seafood restaurant close to Vanessa’s job. I didn’t tell Vanessa I was vegan, and Vanessa didn’t tell me she is allergic to seafood. The only thing we could find on the menu to snack on were sweet potato fries. I hate sweet potatoes and Vanessa hates fries!

What were your first impressions of each other?

Vanessa: Jaquel was so cute and adorable, he had the biggest smile the entire date. Jaquel was so funny, he arrived late, I was on my phone and he slid into the booth trying to act like he was there the whole time.

Jaquel: I was so smitten with Vanessa at first sight, her smile made me smile. Her eyes sparkled, and she just had this warm energy about her that made me feel so comfortable.

Tell us about the proposal?

We have a monthly ritual/inside joke about having a drink every full moon. I bought Vanessa’s engagement ring a month prior with the intent to propose during the July 2020 full moon celebration. My plan was to set up the telescope in our driveway, and when the full moon was official at 12:44 am, I would have Vanessa look through the telescope and I would get on bended knee, and pop the question when she was done staring through the telescope.

As it turned out it was overcast most of the night. I was already a bundle of nerves, but I still set up the telescope even though the sky looked like pea soup. Finally the sky broke, we could see the moon and it was 10 minutes to 12:44 am, when a stray dog walked up to us in our driveway. It was the 4th of July weekend and the dog probably escaped from home from all of the fireworks.

Vanessa got up to go into the house to get dog food and a water bowl for the dog. My nerves were worse at that point, and I got the dog to follow me down our block since I saw where it lived earlier in the day. I was trying to see if the dog would walk to it’s house if we passed by it. Vanessa spotted me down the block and told me it was too late to go knocking on people’s doors. So we kept the dog on our porch.

I had to set the telescope up to find the moon again since it was now after 1 a.m. I told Vanessa it was finally clear take a look at the moon. As she was looking through the telescope, I pulled the ring out, and bent down on one knee behind where she was standing. As Vanessa pulled away from the telescope, she didn’t see me behind her and walked away! I panicked, and to call her attention back, I quickly blurt out “What did you see???”

She turns around while saying “what do you mean, what did I see…?”

It took her a second to register that I was proposing, and she asked me if I was being serious. Considering that everything had gone wrong that night, I wondered if the ring wasn’t in the box, and that’s why she thought I was joking. I turned the box up slightly without breaking eye contact with Vanessa until I saw the sparkle from the ring. It was there! Whew! I said to Vanessa “You’ve already made me the happiest man on Earth, will you make me the happiest man to the moon and back, Vanessa will you marry me?” While crying, Vanessa went in for a hug (meanwhile, I had pebbles digging into my bended knee!). “Is that a yes?” Of course it was.

Why did you choose Stroudsmoor for your wedding day?

Being that we live in Florida, and the pandemic was ongoing, we felt it was easier and safer for us to travel to the northeast where most of our families live, than for everyone to come to Florida. With Jaquel’s Mother living in Stroudsburg, we looked for local wedding venues. We wanted a place that could accommodate the ceremony and reception. The fact that Stroudsmoor offered lodging was another plus for our guests as well. We liked the photos of the scenic views we saw online, but we were in awe when we finally got to see the grounds in person. The views were stunning, and the venue was everything we could’ve hoped for.

What was the one wedding detail you loved the most?

We loved everything so much it’s hard to limit it to just one detail. From the beautiful decorations and setup of the ceremony, with such a scenic backdrop, to the care and expertise of the staff, it was their professionalism that put our nerves at ease, and made the whole wedding seamless. Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful and safe experience with our loved ones on our special day.

What was the favorite food or beverage detail about your wedding menu?

Everyone loved the appetizers, and dinner entrees! We’re still getting compliments about the wedding cake!
The woodland chicken was succulent, the sirloin was tender. Jaquel loved the vegan meatballs!

Share a favorite moment from your wedding day at Stroudsmoor?

Our favorite moment was the wedding announcement and the dances. Everyone enjoyed dancing in the SCI Pavilion, there was plenty of space, the heaters and fireplace kept everyone warm. We loved the small touches like the string lights on the ceiling.

Tell us about your vendors:

  • Invitation Printer: Paperless Post
  • Dress Designer: David’s Bridal
  • Tux/Suit: Men’s Warehouse
  • Flowers: Stroudsmoor Floral and Décor Team – Sarah Rose.
  • Cake: Created by Stroudsmoor’s Bakery
    • Type: New-world Tier Round Layers
    • Flavor: Vanilla Decadence, a white cake with a caramel and coconut mousse filling
    • Icing Style: Bridal Wave
  • Photographer: Bill Cardoni Photography
  • Entertainment:
    • Frankie Carll Productions – reception
    • Music for the Moment – ceremony

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