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Not your everyday Shower – Games and Activities for a Bridal Shower

Beautiful purple flowers in a vase.You may have already begun planning your fairytale wedding here at Stroudsmoor Country Inn, but if not, we welcome you to consider the Inn for your Bridal Shower. As the countdown to the Big Day continues, we’re also looking forward to celebrating your other upcoming milestones. Not only does our Inn serve as one of the Poconos’ most beloved boutique wedding venues, but we’re also equipped to host a variety of other special events, including what we hope shapes up to be an incredibly memorable Bridal Shower.

Though you’ve already envisioned what your Shower might look like—simply lavish table linens or colorful floral centerpieces —and have begun making plans to ensure that vision comes to life, perhaps you’re looking for help with how to entertain your guests. Fortunately, we’re not only prepared to help bring your Bridal Shower vision to life, but we also have a litany of game ideas for your event that will hopefully keep both you and your guests entertained for hours.

“Once Upon a Love Story,” also affectionately known as “Wedding Mad Libs”

“Once Upon a Love Story” or “Wedding Mad Libs” helps to engage your Bridal Shower guests in a fun and creative way. This particular trivia game allows guests to use their imaginations—whereas you lay out yours and your significant other’s basic love story, but leave blanks about your courtship—encouraging friends and loved ones to walk through your love story in a new way.

Though there are plenty of sample game cards available online, our devoted staff would be more than happy to help you create your own “Once Upon a Love Story” game in a style that is unique to you.

Further, “Once Upon a Love Story” might be an appealing game to include at your Shower as the aesthetically designed card would only add another level of decoration to your already gorgeously adorned tables.

Bride sitting, wearing weddings dress, Black and white
“Guess the Dress”

Looking to get crafty? “Guess the Dress” is a light-hearted, simple way to include basic arts & crafts into your upcoming Bridal Shower without the stress or mess of glue and glitter—unless, of course, you wanted to incorporate glue and glitter.

Bridal Shower guests partaking in this game are provided with a simple silhouette of a wedding gown, and are able to create their own version of the dress you chose. The bridal shower guest whose design matches your actual gown most closely gets to take home a prize. And what better prize than a gorgeous floral centerpiece created by Stroudsmoor Country Inn’s Floral Department?

At the end of the day, “Guess the Dress” not only encourages your Bridal Shower guests to take an active part in the event, but it also gives them the option to take home a memorable keepsake from the celebration or, if you chose, you could collect the variety of designs from them and incorporate them into your own wedding scrapbook. 

At the end of the day, “Guess the Dress” not only encourages your Bridal Shower guests to take an active part in the event, but it also gives them the option to take home a memorable keepsake from the celebration or, if you chose, you could collect the variety of designs from them and incorporate them into your own wedding scrapbook. 

Bridal Shower Recipe Swap

stroudsmoor beef filetWhile not necessarily a game, another fun activity that makes for a memorable Bridal Shower is a Recipe Card Swap.

Although the Stroudsmoor Country Inn features a host of delicious recipes on its website, accessible to you always, nothing is more meaningful for a new couple than beloved family recipes. That’s why, as you’re planning your Bridal Shower, it might be a good idea to consider hosting a Recipe Card Swap at your event.

To make the swap more interesting and inclusive, you might consider having each guest place their recipe card in a basket, and mixing them up in a drawing. You, the bride, would then draw one of the recipe cards from the basket, and whoever contributed that particular recipe to the bunch would get to go home with a prize.

And—being you’ve chosen one of the Poconos’ most highly-rated wedding venues to host your special day—of course we would provide the lucky guest with the perfect prize. As your family and friends come together to celebrate your upcoming “I do’s,” the winner of the Recipe Card Swap would receive a gift certificate to dine at SCI: The Restaurant at Stroudsmoor Country Inn.

“Given that Stroudsmoor is so organized and detail-oriented, it truthfully took a lot of the stress out of planning.”

Ashley Gyarmaty and Matthew Altemose
October 7, 2022 | Lawnhaven

“Who Said That?”

Find out who’s been paying attention in the days, months, or even years leading up to your wedding day. Once Bridal Shower festivities begin, one fun and interesting game to play is “Who Said That?”

Leave this particular game up to your maids, and kick back for a moment to enjoy the fun. As you make your rounds greeting family and friends, the attending members of your bridal party are tasked with creating a list of memorable things both you and your fiancé have said in the past. This is where things get interesting because you’ll get to see which memories of you and your partner have really resonated with your guests. 

As with the other games, the individual that guesses the most quotes correctly will win a prize. 

“Where Were We?”

wedding couple honeymoon 001Any visit to Stroudsmoor Country Inn is sure to be a memorable one, however, for you and your partner, it’s hardly the only significant landmark you’ve explored during your time together.

A final activity—” Where Were We?”—takes you and your guests on a quick trip down memory lane. With the help of your maids, perhaps consider putting together a fun slideshow featuring photos of you and your fiancé on memorable trips and at memorable locations.

As your guests view the slideshow—put together by you, your maids, or the product of a team effort—provide them with pen and paper to write down their best guesses as to where each of the featured photos were taken. The guest with the most correct guesses takes home a prize.

The Stroudsmoor Event Team would be more than happy to help you with each and every element of your wedding celebration – including creating your vison for the perfect Bridal Shower.  Let our experienced and devoted staff design the loveliest tablescape, plan a delightful menu, arrange festive activities, choose the best prizes, and execute every little detail of your Bridal Shower flawlessly!

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