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Chelsea Lopatka and Nathan Erie

Married July 03, 2021 at Lawnhaven

"Yesterday was beyond perfect! Better than we could have ever imagined. The ceremony under the pavilion was magical with the rain in the background!"

Chelsea and Nathan were married on a beautiful summer day at Lawnhaven. Lawnhaven comes complete with stone gazebo, fire columns, and a three-tier water feature. The wedding ceremony is celebrated on one of two grand lawns

How and where did you meet?

Nathan and I met through mutual college friends. We both went to Bloomsburg University, and actually lived in the same dorm on the same floor our freshman year, but never met until after we graduated. That was back in 2015 and we have been together since. My first impression of Nathan was that he was one of the most kind and thoughtful people I have ever met. He always put in effort to make sure that I felt special and loved … even today, 6 years into our relationship. He turns every situation into a positive one and he definitely keeps me grounded. I had one of those “he’s the one” feelings very early on. Nathan says that his first impression of me was that I was genuine. He says that after our first date, it felt like he knew me forever. We spent a long time talking that night and he says he knew from that moment we had a lot in common and had many similar values.

Tell us about the proposal?

Nathan proposed on Christmas Eve in 2019. We spent the evening with my family celebrating and eating dinner. We had driven separately to my dad’s, and I left early to take my gramma home. When I got back to our house, he had a bunch of candles burning and the Christmas tree lit, and asked if I wanted to exchange our gifts a little early. He handed me my stocking and the ring box was at the bottom. It was the most perfect moment. I loved that it was intimate and just the two of us.

Why did you choose Stroudsmoor for your wedding day?

I had been to the Stroudsmoor for a wedding a few years back with my stepmom and it was beautiful! We had the best time and she always said that when it was my time to get married that I should think about getting married there. My stepmom passed away the beginning of 2019 before Nathan and I got engaged, and when we started thinking about venues I kept the Stroudsmoor in mind. When we toured lawn haven I knew that it was the perfect place so much so it brought a tear to my eye! It was exactly the look I had in mind for our special day and I knew it would make my stepmom so happy to know we chose the place she loved so much!

What was the one wedding detail you loved the most?

The detail I loved most about our wedding was actually the rain! I was so anxious the days leading up to the wedding when the forecast showed rain, and worried about how this would change the vision I had in my head about our ceremony. However, the event planners at Stroudsmoor didn’t skip a beat and ensured me that they would make the ceremony just as beautiful despite the weather. In the end we ended up getting married under the pavilion on lawn haven which was more magical than I could have imagined! The ceremony was more intimate, with all of our family and friends gathered around the fire place with all the string lights and the beautifully decorated mantle. It was so beautiful with the sound of the rain and even the frogs in the background! In the end our ceremony was even more perfect than the vision I had in my head!

What was the favorite food or beverage detail about your wedding menu?

It’s so hard to choose a favorite food at the wedding, because everything was delicious! All of our guests raved about all of hors d’oeuvres and loved the entrees. Nathan says if he had to choose a favorite it would be anything wrapped in bacon haha specifically the bacon wrapped scallops and bacon wrapped meatloaf. We also really loved how beautiful our wedding cake was. It was beautifully decorated and delicious!

Share a favorite moment from your wedding day at Stroudsmoor?

Our favorite moment of our wedding day was definitely walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time! We we’re both nervous before hand (me more than Nathan haha) but seeing each other in that moment instantly made us the most happy we have ever been. Everything that we had been planning finally fell into place in the most perfect ways possible. It was honestly the most perfect and special day ever! Better than we ever imagined! Even 5 days later I find myself looking at pictures and reliving the day.

We honestly can’t thank you all enough for everything you all did to make our wedding day the BEST day of our lives!!

I can’t thank you and the other staff enough for this weekend! Yesterday was beyond perfect! Better than we could have ever imagined. The ceremony under the pavilion was magical with the rain in the background! Yourself, Alex and the rest of the team went above and beyond to make our day special and attended to all of our needs. Everything was seamless and our guests had the best time. I just wanted to say thank you again for everything! We’re still in awe over the how beautiful everything was and are so appreciative!

Nathan and Chelsea E

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