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Hillary Erdman and Allen Erdman

Married January 14, 2023 at Woodsgate

Tell us how and where you met each other?

We actually met in the fifth grade! We didn’t actually start dating until almost 12 years later but we remained best friends that whole time. So we like to say we were highschool sweethearts we just didn’t know it yet.

What was your first impression of one another, and the day you knew you would be together forever?

It’s hard to say after 20+ years when exactly that happened. I think it probably happened slowly as we grew up together and got to experience different stages of life together. We always joke that everyone else knew we’d end up together before we realized it.

Tell us about the proposal?

He proposed on a chilly day in November on at our favorite hiking spot! Five years into the relationship we bought a house together and then over the next two years we introduced two dogs into our family. Our dogs are essentially our children so Allen knew he had to involve them in the proposal. He asked me to go on a hike with the dogs that day and when we got to the very top he stopped, looked at the dogs, and said “I think it’s about time we make this official guys” that’s all I really remember because the rest was sort of a blackout from excitement ha

Tell us what led you to Stroudsmoor and your reason for celebrating at the Inn?

I visited the inn at a work luncheon almost 6 years before our engagement. I called Allen that night and said that I found the place I was going to get married. We never even looked at any other venues. It was always the Inn

What was the one menu and décor detail you loved most about your celebration?

The hors d’oeuvre! Every single one of our guests talks about how amazing they were, even to this day. I loved how romantic the decor was. I had a vision of candles everywhere and the decor team definitely brought my vision to light

What made your Stroudsmoor Wedding Journey most memorable?

How perfect it was for us. We are crazy and we requested an outdoor ceremony in January. Everything about it was so perfect. It was exactly what all our guests would have imagined if asked to describe our perfect day

Share a hope for your first anniversary.

A visit back to the Inn! Wed love to come back for a wintery weekend at the spa and enjoying the delicious food all over again

Vendors and Services Provided

Flowers Stroudsmoor Floral & Décor Team
Wedding Cake Stroudsmoor Inn Towne Bakery
Catering Stroudsmoor Country Inn
Photography Laura Metzger
Hair Anna Parrott & MacKenzie Jaymes
Makeup Nikki

Here are a few photos that tell their wedding day story . . .

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