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Molly Velekei and Sean Velekei

Married September 30, 2017 at Lawnhaven

How and where you did you meet?

Sean and I met in May 2011 through mutual friends, (my best friend and her boyfriend at that time). Her boyfriend knew that I would like Sean and wanted to make sure we met each other; so I tagged along to a party with them. Sean and I started spending lots of time together, and it was history ever since! Sean proposed in November 2015, and we were married at Stroudsmoor’s Lawnhaven on 09/30/2017. It was the best day of our lives!

What was your first impression of one another, and the day you knew you would be together forever?

Our first impression was that we both knew that our friends did us a solid by setting us up!! We were both attracted to each other and instantly wanted to start spending all of our time together. We both knew that we would be together forever after we moved in together and were able to accept each other’s flaws/quirks! We have spent the past 5 years since being married enjoying our time together, traveling to new places, trying new drinks/foods, and enjoying time with our dogs. We spent one of our first anniversaries at Stroudsmoor – we got to stay in the same suite where we had our wedding night, eat the same food and cake we had on our wedding night. We got to walk around the property, and felt the same love we did on our wedding day. Stroudsmoor even sent us a bouquet and my mom had sent us cookies and milk to our room which was our wedding favor! It was a very special trip. This year we are expecting the birth of our first child, a daughter, in September 2023. September will forever be our special month, as Stroudsmoor will always be our special place.

Tell us about the proposal?

Sean proposed in front of all our family and friends at our house the week of my birthday. He tricked me; I thought that all of our friends and family were busy and could not be with us for my birthday, and when we walked in everyone was waiting for us!

Tell us what led you to Stroudsmoor and your reason for celebrating at the Inn?

Plans for the new baby! We are having our shower at our home the end of July with all our friends and family, co-ed style! We are really looking forward to spending that day with our family and friends to celebrate baby Addison! We did not have a gender reveal, as Sean and I both knew immediately it was a girl, we just had a feeling! We only ever even worked on girl names before we knew “for sure”!

What was the one menu and décor detail you loved most about your celebration?

We want to take our maternity photos at Stroudsmoor, because Stroudsmoor just gives us all the warm and fuzzy feelings every time we visit. Stroudsmoor is one of the biggest symbols of our love going strong forever. We loved Stroudsmoor so much and just couldn’t think of a more beautiful background for our maternity photos as special to us as Stroudsmoor.

What made your Stroudsmoor Wedding Journey most memorable?

So many parts of our wedding stand out in our minds. The flowers, the food, the drinks, the wonderful service to our friends and families, and our wedding attendants! The entire night went off perfectly without any issues. We still get compliments on our wedding from our friends and family, that it was the best wedding they ever attended!

Share a hope for your first anniversary.

We hope to be able to continue to visit Stroudsmoor with Addison once she’s here, so she can see the beautiful place that her Mommy and Daddy celebrated their love year after year!

Vendors and Services Provided

Flowers Stroudsmoor Floral & Décor Team
Wedding Cake Stroudsmoor Inn Towne Bakery
Catering Stroudsmoor Country Inn
Photography Allie Skylar
Bridal hair/makeup Alisha Nycole & Co.

Here are a few photos that tell their wedding day story . . .

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