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Katie & Kevin Gibson: Celebrating Love, Growth, and Family

Married December 10, 2022 at Ridgecrest

Katie & Kevin Talk Life with Baby Boy, Nolan Chase

March 27, 2024

Since saying “I do” at Ridgecrest in December of 2022, Katie and Kevin Gibson have been busy building the perfect life together. In celebrating their first wedding anniversary this past winter, the couple not only got to reflect on all they’ve built as a couple since their winter wedding, but they also got to celebrate with their newborn son, Nolan Chase.

Moving forward, 2024 will continue to be busy for the couple as they balance raising and nurturing baby Nolan with Kevin’s brand new job, and, also, a new home!

Speaking with Katie about life with her little boy, she said, “Kevin actually a week ago took a job position at Augusta National Golf Club and [I] am in the process of packing the house up because we move in 2 weeks!”

With a baby in tow and a big move ahead, we know Katie and Kevin will be kept busy in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day. Nevertheless, Katie has found great joy in motherhood. 

We’re so grateful to Katie for sharing these sweet Easter photos with us, and for sharing baby Nolan’s growth.

“At the time of our wedding…I was very hopeful that my life would be exactly the way it is now,” she shared. “I imagined it filled with the joy of a child or the beginning of our journey of growing a family. I am beyond blessed that my precious little boy chose me to be his Mama.”

 Thinking about how life differs now from what she may have imagined immediately after sharing her vows with Kevin, Katie said, “My vision back then only differs by the feeling of how [much] more extraordinary and fulfilling it is to be a mother.”

She explained, “You always hear others speak about an overwhelming feeling of love you have for your child, but there are truly no words to describe just how powerful that love is, it’s absolutely indescribable and the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced. I am so grateful to be a mother, and loving my little Nolan Chase is the greatest honor of my life.”

Katie Karwoski & Kevin Gibson are Married at Ridgecrest

Katie Karwoski (now Katie Gibson) and Kevin Gibson were married just over a year ago on a sunny December day at Ridgecrest, which overlooks both the sprawling Pocono Mountains and Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Just over a year following their first wedding anniversary, Katie and Kevin decided to share the roots of their love story with us, what their wedding planning journey at the Inn was like, and the one big way their life has changed since saying “I do.”

Tell us how and when you met each other. What was your first impression of one another, and at what moment did you know you’d be together forever?

We met in the summer of 2019. We were set up by a mutual co-worker to go on a blind date. It truly sounds crazy, but it was love at first. On our first date we both knew instantly when we locked eyes that we were meant to be together and on our second date we both told each other at the same time that we knew we were soul mates.

Tell us about the proposal, share some pics, & show us your ring!

Our proposal was actually at Ridgecrest! When we had gone on our tour of the venue sites we weren’t officially engaged yet, we actually brought our parents to see the venue location as well before we got engaged! Kevin thought it would be special and memorable to propose in the same exact spot we would later say our wedding vows. So, he emailed our coordinator Corrine, texted his best friend who would be Kevin’s best man to come sneakily take pictures and on a snowy December 19th, 2020 Kevin dropped down on one knee (finally)!

What led you to Stroudsmoor Country Inn? What inspired you to celebrate your wedding with us?

Couple smiles in front of mountain backdrop

We were celebrating our first-year dating anniversary. We booked a weekend trip and stayed at the Inn, but we didn’t realize how incredibly beautiful the property really was. When we were looking for accommodations, we didn’t even bother to look at the wedding venue tab on the website. We thought to ourselves “we’re here, let’s see if we can get a tour.” We honestly weren’t sure if we’d be allowed a tour since we weren’t officially engaged, so we told a fib that we were! Which makes it funny when we brought our parents to the venue and Kevin had to get Corrine’s help to plan a proposal! Just like we knew instantly we were meant for each other, we knew that Ridgecrest was meant for our wedding, from walking down the cobblestone pathway to the beautiful iron gazebo, but most importantly the beautiful background of the Pocono valley overlooks!

What is the one menu item that sticks out above all else from your wedding celebration? What about your favorite décor detail?

We can honestly say there’s not one single menu item to choose as our favorite because every single thing we had was absolutely delicious! We loved all 40 hors d’oeuvres, entrée choices, dessert table and the chocolate peanut butter wedding cake was to die for! We did all the décor ourselves (and as in we, it was all Katie) most memorable detail that people always talk about to us is our favors. Katie had hand painted snowflakes on glass ornaments with our date and monogram. We get told all the time how lovely it is to hang that memory of our special day on their Christmas tree.

What made your Wedding Journey with us most memorable?

What’s most memorable to us about our wedding journey at Stroudsmoor is the wonderful relationship we built with our coordinators, Corrine and Danica. They were with us every single step of the way, from our tour, to our proposal to planning the actual wedding itself. They truly cared about us, they wholeheartedly wanted to make our day as special and perfect as it possibly could be. 

Now that you’ve celebrated your first anniversary, what is the biggest adventure, milestone, memory, etc. that you’ve shared with your partner since your Stroudsmoor wedding?

We recently just celebrated our first-year anniversary and what made it so special was we got to celebrate it with our newborn son, Nolan Chase. He is truly the gift and blessing of our love. We hope that on each anniversary as the years go by that our love remains strong and that spark of love at first sight since our first date grows stronger and stronger!

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A Peek at the Gibsons' Love Story:

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