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Olshemski/McKain Wedding

Married May 31, 2019 at Ridgecrest

Gaby and Matt Olshemski

05/31/2019 – Ridgecrest

How and where did you meet?

Matt and I met at Indiana University our freshman year of college at the dorms. We were both student-athletes and actually practiced/played next to each other for our four years (Field Hockey and Soccer) and shared mutual friends – we started dating our senior year.

What were your first impressions of each other?

We first met on the elevator in a dorm at IU. (Matt) I thought Gaby was very sweet and also very shy. As an awkward Freshman college student, it took me a few times hanging around her to me to break the ice. (gaby notes: Our friends had to break the ice for us – thanks D, Jacob and Harry!)

Tell us about the proposal?

My family and I have been going to Snowbird, Utah ever since I can remember. I got there early and Matt was meeting us later in the week. My family had to head back to Pennsylvania so Matt had about a 12 hour overlap with them. The morning my parents were leaving, my dad was super weird and asked Matt if he could go show him how the ski lockers worked (I didn’t know Matt had texted my dad the night before to see if they could talk privately) which explains the lame excuse my dad made to get Matt alone. They came back, my parents left, and Matt and I hit the slopes until our friends were to arrive later that day. The views are stunning at the top of Hidden Peak, but on this day a massive blizzard made everything white. Matt kept insisting on going to the top because “my dad said we needed to” and I just got annoyed because I would rather go when you could see further than 5 feet ahead of you. When we got to the top, you could not see a thing and the blizzard was starting. Matt still insisted on going to the viewing area (I just wanted to get down the mountain to the sauna). When we got up there, he asked to take a selfie (Matt hates selfies and in typical fashion, I was just arguing that you can’t even see the mountains – oh yeah lightning was starting!) He took a picture and then said something along the lines of “this is our last picture as boyfriend and girlfriend). I then proceeded to black out with happiness and say yes at the top of a mountain. While this was happening, they actually closed the mountain and evacuated – we had no idea. Ski patrol found us and told us we need to get down to the mountain now or be stuck. Matt almost fell off a few cliffs (it was his first hours boarding) and ski patrol followed us down until it was just us in a blizzard, no phones, a massive snowstorm and a whole future ahead

Why did you choose Stroudsmoor for your wedding day?

I am from PA and Matt is from Indiana. I told my parents if everyone is going to come to Pennsylvania, they are going to see Pennsylvania. The venue was absolutely unreal. Oh yeah – they do everything! We did not have to worry about one thing because we knew that Stroudsmoor will make everything perfect.

What was the one wedding detail you loved the most?

There were so many details that made our day so memorable. We really loved having lawn space just outside the reception overlooking the incredible view from the mountain. It was a beautiful space for our guests to play outdoor games and take pictures at sunset.

What was the favorite food or beverage detail about your wedding menu?

The cupcakes!!!! We had guests emailing us to find out what kind they were so they could go get them from the Stroudsmoor bakery (and every other item on the menu….)

Share a favorite moment from your wedding day at Stroudsmoor?

Hard to pick just one. One of our favorite moments was the mountain view surrounding us on the alter surrounded by our best friends and family. The violinist played for just a few moments after Gaby made it to the altar. It was a surreal moment where we were able to take it all in, together.

Watching from the bridal suite with my dad as the procession started was one of my favorite moments. It was just him and I and then once we saw our adorable flower girl and ring bearer – Linda gave us the nod and smile and it was time! Definitely a moment I will not forget between just my dad and I before walking down the aisle with Matt waiting at the end.  (probably in pain because he tore his ACL 2 weeks before!)

Tell us about your vendors

  • Officiate:  Monsignor John Sempa
  • Flowers: Stroudsmoor Floral and Décor Team for reception.
  • Cake: Created by Stroudsmoor’s Bakery
  • Photographer: Nicole Demond
  • Entertainment: Penn Strings for Ceremony/Jeff Walker for Reception

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