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Returning to the Poconos to Celebrate

Married at Stroudsmoor Country Inn seven years earlier, The Fitzgeralds return to this Poconos Resort to make new memories.

“We had a great time yesterday showing the kids around, having dinner, and taking them on the hiking trail. We would LOVE to visit again in the summer, thank you very much!”

emily and mark with kids
Emily and Mark with their children, Lila and Logan.

Terraview, April 13, 2014

Seven years ago, Emily and Mark walked down the aisle at Stroudsmoor. Embracing the rainy wedding day with a smile, their love and happiness swept over family and guests with a heartwarming glow.

Happy Anniversary from Stroudsmoor Country Inn!

With every wedding, every “I do”, every first dance, every silly cake photo, and every last call, we delight in the role we had to play in our couples’ special day. 

It is an honor when a couple chooses to celebrate additional milestones with us. To welcome you back to this resort after seven years of happy marriage was our honor.

Here’s to many more happy moments to come!

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