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Alex and Alyssa Pulschen

Married August 18, 2017 at Woodsgate

Alex and Alyssa Pulschen – August 18, 2017 – Woodsgate

Woodsgate Pocono Wedding Venue

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The Tale of Alex and Alyssa…

Alex and I had been friends for years before we actually started dating.  We both had long term crushes on one another but, could never get up the nerve to actually tell the other person how we felt.   I however, had no issue telling everyone except for Alex about how much I liked him and how cute I thought his butt was.  The boys got a cute butt, what can I say?  Eventually someone failed to keep my secret and thankfully word got back to Alex about my feelings for him.  With a new found confidence he asked me on our first date.  Our first date was a bit of a hiccup as we like to say.  Neither of us are very smooth and I don’t think either of us knew how to immediately transition our friendship into a dreamy romance.  However, with our second date, things started to turn around, ending with our first kiss on top of a ferris wheel during an epic firework show.  You don’t get much more romantic than that.  Slowly but surely, one awkward step at a time, we developed a real and a true love.  3 years later we were engaged.  In true Alex fashion he made that as awkward as possible as well.  I wouldn’t have wanted or expected anything less.  Thus the wedding planning process began.

Being a hopeless romantic, a designer, and an event planning enthusiast I of course had been planning my wedding far before the proposal.  Alex, not so much.  But, that’s okay!  Luckily for me he’s always been entirely supportive of my ideas and visions and let me run with this one.  He did have a few basic requests which included…let’s get married, celebrate and party with everyone we love, and moss, if we could have lots of moss.  Great husband material, right?  I had a couple of different design directions that I could have gone with during the planning process but, I patiently waited for a venue to speak to me.  Then we stumbled upon the Woodland Chapel at Woodsgate.  As soon as I saw it the  wheels in my head started turning and I began to envision and develop the epic enchanted forest wedding that we then were able to make a reality.  The venue was the perfect cross between ethereal woods and medieval castle.  This worked perfectly with Alex’s love for all things nerdy and my love for things outside the box and magical.  With the addition of two twig thrones, tons and draped moss, twinkling vines, a cake cutting sword and millions of dark and drippy candles the venue took on a magical life of it’s own.

My dress and all of my bridesmaids dresses came from BHLDN.  I ended up choosing 3 different bridesmaid dresses in order to create a dusty palette of mauves, neutrals and light sage.  Our bouquets of deep greens and burgundies popped perfectly off each and every one of the dresses.  A friend of mine who owns Emma Katzka Bridal custom made my rose quartz crown that really tied together my whole look.  I handcrafted my own shoes and I also created all of the bridesmaids jewelry including quartz chandelier necklaces and golden elven ear cuffs.  The guys all kept it classy in slim fitted, black tuxedos rented from CERoth.  So thankful for our photographer, Kate Leigh, who helped capture the amazingness of the day.

Our wedding day was everything we could have wanted and more.  It truly was magical.  Every detailed bit of planning was worth it.  We both made sure that we took everyone’s advise and stopped periodically to really soak it in.  Neither of us have ever laughed, cried, smiled or danced so hard in our lives.  We both ached from extreme happiness the next day.  Having everyone we loved, all one place, for one epic day, with an epic amount of moss truly made all of our dreams come true.

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