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Sampling FAQs: Answered by Our Event Staff

Our semi-annual Sampling Event, which showcases the work of every one of our departments (from our Banquet Kitchens to our Event Planning & Execution staff) is right around the corner. To best help you navigate and take advantage of all that we offer at Sampling, our Event Staff answers below your most-asked Sampling-related questions. 

Your Most-Frequently Asked Sampling Questions

Is this a guided event? Will a planner be with us for the full day?

Overall, Sampling is self-guided. The booklet you receive by email from your Event Planner – also located at the Terraview Registration Desk – contains a detailed itinerary and map, guiding you through the event’s entirety.

However, should you need further assistance, our Event Team is on site and available to answer any questions you may have. So, find your Event Planner and say hello! Then head to the Event Office to schedule a private after-sampling meeting with them!

Do we meet with our Wedding Planner at Sampling?

Certainly! You may have many informal quick visits with your Event Planner as you travel through the Sampling Day.  After Sampling, your planner will reach out to you (or feel free to reach out first!) and schedule a private meeting to go over any questions you may have from the event. Don’t forget, you can also go to the Event Office to arrange your after-sampling meeting ASAP!           

How does foodservice work at Sampling?

While we offer our guests the opportunity to have either a buffet-style or plated meal for their wedding, the Sampling Event is strictly buffet-style.

After being seated by one of our hostesses, take a peek at page three of your Sampling Booklet, which features our Most-Selected Food Packages and their featured entrées. This chart details which entrées are included in your specific package and which ones may require additional charge. Many of these will be available on the buffet so be sure to try each of your selected entrées!

Buffet line featuring various entrées
Colorful drinks over-splash

How does drink service work at Sampling?

While your server will be on hand to make sure your water glass is full, the bar will be cash-and-carry at Terraview. We welcome our guests to purchase drinks themselves (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) and bring them back to their table during their seating. ALSO be sure to stop by Ridgecrest for unlimited champagne—on us!

Should I bring my next payment for my wedding to Sampling?

Absolutely! For your convenience, our Event Office will be open during Sampling from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., where you may bring your payment (in the form of cash or personal check) to our receptionist.

Do we meet with a Floral Designer at the event?

During the Sampling event, you’ll mix and mingle with a number of our Floral & Décor Team members and designers as they present stunning displays intended to help bring your wedding vision to life!

As you navigate the event, you’ll be able to see a number of diverse centerpieces, sweetheart and guest tablescapes, bouquets, and more. And if you have a question, simply ask!

Where do we learn more about Stroudsmoor’s Bridal Studio & Spa? How do I schedule services?

To make things as easy as possible, our Bridal Studio & Spa will be open during the Sampling Event, allowing you, your partner, and your guests to see the space for yourself and all the ways our staff, services, and products can help you relax and unwind on your wedding day.

Another benefit to attending the Stroudsmoor sampling event (in this regard) is that the model brides and grooms that will be floating throughout Terraview for the day’s length were primmed and prepped by our very own stylists! So you’ll actually be able to see inspiration for hair and makeup up close, all by our in-house staff.

What time is the sampling event over?

The Sampling Day ends promptly at 6 p.m. At that time, the venues, as well as our bars, will close; our vendors will be packing up to go home; and the dance party at Ridgecrest will come to a close.

Keep in mind, though, that both the Event Office & Stroudsmoor Inn Town Bakery Café will be operating on standard business hours so both locations will close at 5 p.m. That said, if you need to make a stop at either of these locations, we suggest doing so before your predetermined reservation time, that way you won’t miss a single element of the Sampling event!

Where do we go if we are lost?

Hopefully, the materials we’ve provided you for Sampling—such as the itinerary in your booklet titled Your Wedding Journey Continues at Sampling as well as our map—help to make navigating the event as easy as possible.

However, if you do find yourself lost, you have a handful of options to get you back on track!

1. Locate any of our staff members, who will be wearing golden name tags during the event. They will be able to get you where you need to go, or direct you to someone who will best be able to guide you.

2. Head to one of our two Information Desks, located at Ridgecrest and Terraview. There, knowledgeable members of our team will be waiting, ready to guide you to whichever venue or professional you might be trying to find.

3. Make your way over to our Event Office, where our receptionist will be able to direct you anywhere on property; and while you’re there, be sure to drop off any payments or paperwork for your event that you may have brought with you!

Are children welcome?

This is a common inquiry we often receive at the Inn when it comes to Sampling, and, unfortunately, the answer is no.

While we’re excited about the prospect of meeting your little ones at the event, it is difficult as a couple to make decisions when tending to children.

Navigating Sampling can be overwhelming with a group of people. Children further pose a challenge in absorbing essential wedding information when your attention is divided. 

The Sampling Event is all about you and your partner.  Thank you for your understanding.

Event attendees sit down for their meal

How many guests can we bring?

Typically, we allow our couples to purchase two tickets for themselves plus four guest tickets, making for a total of six tickets per couple.

However, if your partner is unable to attend with you, feel free to use their ticket for another friend or family member instead.

Please Contact us with Any Other Questions!

If any of your questions were not answered above, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Event Office:
570-421-6431, Ext. 420 |

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