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Say Yes to the Right Dress!

Have you been salon hopping for the perfect wedding dress? Have you said NO to too many? Here are three simple tips that will help you say Yes to the Right Dress!

Tip Number 1: The Right Dress Fits the Theme

Planning with a theme in mind is a double-edged sword . . . on one side the theme can help with the decision making and keep you on a path to a cohesive event. On the other, it can kill the day if you allow it to take over. Knowing when to stay true to the theme, and when to say enough is enough is of the utmost importance. This message holds true to the purchase of your wedding ensemble. Use this Golden Rule . . . to thine own self be true! Think of the contours of your beautiful body, not the confines of your wedding theme, before choosing the right wedding dress.

Here is the perfect blend of beautiful you and wedding theme worn by Ms. Alyssa:
Our bride had a vision of being married in Tolkien’s Legendarium, “Rivendell”. The Middle-earth Realm was created in the Woodland Chapel at Woodsgate for an Elven Wedding Ceremony. The wedding garb was made of elven magic, and fairy dust . . . It also featured straps of pearls to hold up the beautifully beaded bodice, which was attached to sheer flowing fabric allowing the skirt to capture a magical ray of sunlight. Her beautiful silhouette was highlighted as she walked through her “Rivendell” wedding in the forest.

Bride walking through the forest
As you can see by the photos of Tolkien’s Lady of the Light – Galadriel – our bride captured the essence of the elven queen in her wedding ensemble. From head(piece) to toe, she was an elven princess. Even her hair style framed the frock and carried the theme to its most perfect conclusion. BRAVO Ms. Alyssa!

Lord of the Rings Elven Queen Galadriel


This message comes from Ms. Alyssa about her Rivendell Wedding:

“We had such an amazing wedding and are insanely happy with how the day turned out. I loved every single little detail of it! I just want to repeat it every summer ha! Thank you so much for all your hard work and also please pass my thanks along to your staff as well! They were amazing that day. They had things ready for me before I even knew I wanted them. Mind readers they are!”

Alyssa Pulschen, Married 8.18.17 at Stroudsmoor

Tip Number 2: The Right Dress Fits the Moment

There are many moments to a wedding that require a special outfit – for example: the wedding shower, the bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, the actual ceremony, the reception, the after-party and the post-reception breakfast to name a few. Selecting something suited for all can be daunting. Use these few simple tips to pick the perfect outfit for each and every moment of your wedding celebration:

  1. Comfort First
  2. Weather Second
  3. Religious Requirements Always
  4. Season/Color-scheme
  5. Wedding Theme last

This beautiful bride said YES to three dresses for her wedding.

In this Hindu wedding, there were three elements to the celebration; the dance party the night before, the morning ceremony, and the evening reception. Our Bride wore a traditional Lehenga in ice blue and gold for the Wedding Sangeet the night before. She chose tones of gold, mauve and ivory for the Hindu Wedding Ceremony in the early morning light, and a shimmering silver sheath to capture the soft up-lighting arranged for the evening reception. Each ensemble was the perfect selection to enhance the traditions of Sapna and Kyle’s fusion wedding at Stroudsmoor.

Couple posing at their Hindu wedding

Couple posing at their Hindu wedding

Tip Number 3: The Right Dress is Properly Fitted

When you find the right dress, and you will, be sure to let the professionals fit it perfectly. I suggest you listen to advice from family and friends during the first fitting, but be sure to consider only the expert opinion of the seamstress for the final tailoring. Remember that the perfect fit starts from the undergarment up. Use these tips for making sure the dress stays put!

  • How to purchase the appropriate undergarments:
    • Go for comfort not beauty
    • Strapless dresses need strapless bras, which need adhesive
    • Dresses with no back will need a halter-style bra
    • Some dresses will require that you go braless – if your comfort level allows
  • Always wear the wedding undergarments to your dress fittings.
  • When selecting strapless, backless, or low-cut dresses, consider using dress adhesive tape to keep everything in place.
    • Always remember tape is not to hold a dress up, it is to keep a dress in place
    • Popular brands of adhesive for keeping the dress in place are:
      • Hollywood Fashion Tape
      • Braza Flash Tape
      • Toupee tape such as No Shine Binding
    • Remember to test the tape before using it for the first time on your wedding day – be sure you are not allergic to the adhesive.

Here is the perfect example of the perfectly fitted dress.

Ms. Alison made sure her strapless dress stayed put even when twirling under the twinkling lights at Lawnhaven.

Bride twirling under drapes of sheer fabric and light

Remember, fits you, fits the moment, and fitted properly will make saying yes to the right dress a labor of love not a chore of horror. Feel free to send the Wedding Warrior questions about selecting the right wedding ensemble for your comfort, your style, your theme, and most importantly, for YOU!

When starting your search for wedding wear, WW suggests you visit:

Bridals by Sandra
56 East Lawn Road
Nazareth, PA 18064

More on tuxedos and tailgating next issue . . .

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