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Rokosz/Brantley Wedding

Married August 18, 2018 at Terraview

Stephanie and Chaz Rokosz

08/18/2018 – Terraview

How and where did you meet?

Facebook, unconventionally haha. Chaz made a comment on a viral meme and I commented saying that I think I found my soulmate. I added him and the rest is pretty much history. We connected immediately, it was the strangest thing. After convincing each other’s families that neither one of us were ax murderers we got to meet in person a few months later. A few months after that, Chaz moved to PA! That was almost 4 years ago. 

Tell us about the proposal?

We actually picked out the ring together by taking a weekend trip down to Brilliant Earth in Washington, DC. It has been, by far, our favorite trip together. It was about 6-7 months later on our dating anniversary that he proposed in front of the entire restaurant at JB Dawson’s. Our desert came out on an engraved plate that said, “Will you marry me?” All I could remember thinking was, “why is that plate so shiny? I’ve never seen a dessert come out like this…” Once I got through a couple of layers, I got the message haha! I asked him later what would have happened if I didn’t order dessert… He said, “you would have been getting one anyway!” 

Why did you choose Stroudsmoor for your wedding day?

It was actually the only venue we went to look at. I did a few online searches in the Poconos and Stroudsmoor was really the only place of interest to me. You had great reviews AND actually listed your pricing online. Normally, Terraview would not have allowed for such a small wedding since it can hold 300, but it just ended up working that the date was still available and the team was willing to make accommodations so that we could get married there. August 18, 2018 was actually the most popular day of the year to get married, it was a blessing it worked out so well! I believe it’s in November that you have one of your tasting days for couples. We went to that, spent the whole day meeting vendors and tasting food and it was decided. Chaz actually mentioned after we were done for the day how excited he was to get married there. You treated us like family regardless of our smaller wedding and budget. 

What was the one wedding detail you loved the most?

There are so many things. The landscape at Terraview is amazing. It’s one of the main reasons we wanted that location so much. The next thing would probably be the food. I’ve never had wedding food that tasted and looked so amazing. Our guests couldn’t stop talking about the food! Cutting the cake was probably one of the best parts of the day though! IT WAS GORGEOUS. The bakery did a phenomenal job. Seriously, the cake is so good we’re making a two-hour drive to get one for our 1-year anniversary HAHA! 

Share a favorite moment from your wedding day at Stroudsmoor?

The ceremony. There was a high chance of rain on that day. Our ceremony was scheduled for 3:30 and about 3:20 Anna (my wedding planner) came in and said that it was starting to drizzle and she wanted direction on whether to move the wedding indoors or not. I said absolutely not and to get everyone moving and lined up! As soon as I walked outside the sky cleared. We got through a beautiful ceremony, got some family pictures, got back inside and then it down-poured. If anything, the rain made it even more beautiful but I was glad I didn’t have to get married in it haha. 

Tell us about your vendors

  • Invitation: I’m a graphic designer so I made those myself
  • Dress Designer: David’s Bridal
  • Tux/Suit: Men’s Wearhouse 
  • Photographers: Classic Photographers
  • Entertainment: Pros DJ Service (Awesome) 
  • Wedding Officiant: Stephanie Anne Thompson (Absolutely amazing! 110% recommend) 


  • Created by Stroudsmoor’s Bakery
  • Chocolate strawberry shortcake
  • The icing was called “Amy Design”
  • The shape was “new-world-tier with round layers”

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