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Part 4: Sam & Cameron Complete Their Wedding Journey

Married April 28, 2024 at Lawnhaven
Bride and groom hold hands at Lawnhaven altar

On April 28, 2023, Sam Vedral and Cameron Payne visited the Inn for the first time since attending our annual Sampling Event in March. Coincidentally, that 2023 visit took place exactly a year before their Lawnhaven wedding. Looking back on that initial planning meeting with them, it’s hard to believe that their long-awaited celebration has already come and gone. 

At the time, many of Sam and Cameron’s plans for their special day were still tentative, sharing with their planner some of their favorite hors d’oeuvres from Sampling, their favorite entrées and cake flavors, their potential color palette, décor ideas, and so much more. Jump ahead to their wedding last month and it was so gratifying to see how perfectly their wildflower wedding came together. 

Following their honeymoon, Sam and Cameron took some time to reflect on their special day, sharing with us the origins of their love story, their wedding day highlights, and their hopes for the year ahead.

Sam & Cameron's Complete Love Story

Tell us how and when you met each other. What was your first impression of one another, and at what moment did you know you’d be together forever?

Cameron and I met at work. We were both servers at [Applebee’s]. One day we made plans to hangout and our friendship blossomed from there. We were just friends for a couple months before we even admitted feelings to one another. It was at the Bardon bowling alley in Easton PA on May 13,2017 that we confessed our feelings from one another. It’s so mushy and cliche but our first kiss was so magical, full of young nervous tension, a belly full of butterflies, but also full of the happiness that comes when someone feels the same way about you as you do to them. I knew from the beginning. from the first interaction that Cameron was going to be THE one or be the one that shatters my heart to pieces. It felt natural and comfortable from the start. We never seriously fight, we try to understand each other, and we forgive each other when we make mistakes. I never knew having a partner could feel like this, and that is how I know we are meant to be together.

Tell us about the proposal, share some pics, and show us your ring!

Cameron and I are very into movies, and we would go to the movie theater almost every week in the summers. While we were there we would play in the arcade and we would always take a photo strip. I am attaching some photos of those with the wedding picture too. Anyway, I started making a list of the scenes I would want him to reenact (to the best of his ability) when he proposes to me. It really was a joke, but he took it seriously. One of the movie scenes I really fell in love with was in La La Land, when Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are in a planetarium and they start dancing in the stars. Its beautiful and romantic. Now in real life we cant defy gravity, and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if he had me learn a choregraphed dance, but he did take me to the natural history museum, into the planetarium, we watched a whole presentation about how the universe continues to get bigger, and I watched him mumble and stumble his way as he asked me to marry him. In its own way it was still beautiful and romantic and to me it was the perfect engagement.

What led you to Stroudsmoor Country Inn? What inspired you to celebrate your wedding with us?

We toured a bunch of venues before we found the Stroudsmoor. I always knew it was there because that is where my Junior prom was held and also my father host his annual firefighter banquet there as well. However, we are from Easton, so we were looking at venues close to us at first. It was my parents that pushed us to tour at Stroudsmoor and we are so happy we did. Out of all the places we tour, Cameron never made a comment about how he felt but at the Stroudsmoor he was excited and he said he thought it was very nice. (this was a good sign for me lol) Then when we found out about all the perks offered at the Stroudsmoor we were sold. The fact that we only needed to find a photographer and a DJ was such a blessing. Also Linda and Malia, really helped us make our dream wedding come true while helping us stay in budget.

What is the one menu item that sticks out above all else from your wedding celebration? What about your favorite décor detail?

The Orderves! They are so freaking good! All of them! when we came for the tasting I was stuffed because they just kept coming around, it was amazing! Also our cake was to die for. I may be biased but I have been to many weddings and i swear out cake was the best I ever had. It was so moist and delicious!

My favorite decor? that is a good question, I think everything flowed so seamlessly together. I love all the fresh flowers everywhere that was so my vision and walking in to the venue I was blow away by how perfect everything looked. I was worried because my mom and I were DIYing a lot of the decor and right before the wedding I started freaking out thinking it was going to become a mess of too many random ideas, but on the day it all looked perfect and that is all thanks to the Stroudsmoor team.

What made your Wedding Journey with us most memorable?

It was easy. My stress level is naturally high but Linda and Malia kept all my worries low. They handled everything and helped with everything I was stressed about.

What is one hope you have in celebrating your first anniversary?

One hope I have for our first year anniversary is that we are still as in love then as we are now. I also hope we have a little bundle of joy on the way. We would love to extend our family and now that we are married and all settled it is the perfect time.

Vendors and Services Provided

Photographer/VideographerKM Photography
EntertainmentMake it Rain Entertainment
FloralsStroudsmoor Floral & Décor Team
CakeStroudsmoor Inn Towne Bakery Café

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