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Learn more about the wedding sampling in the Poconos and its many features, including celebrants like Lois Heckman

Officiated at a Poconos Wedding Venue

Why would I be involved in the Stroudsmoor Wedding Sampling? Isn’t this about food? Yes, food is part of it of course, but as an officiant I have participated for many years and have found it extremely worthwhile. I offer couples something unique for their ceremony, and at this event I get to meet a variety of people. I have been officiating at Stroudsmoor for 17 years now.

Email, zoom and all that is great, but meeting in person is even better! Just as you want to taste food before deciding about it, you can ‘sample’ my offerings (and others) who will be part of your team. 

Same sex couple at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Questions come up in an organic way during conversations, and this initial contact will provide you with a taste of what I might provide very specifically for you.

Wedding couple at Woodsgate - Outdoor Wedding

I have worked with a variety of people I met at this event. Sometimes we often hit it off immediately.  Whether it’s the big subjects, such as their worldview or just a small detail that comes up,  we can see if we’re a good fit. Variety is spice of life and having choices that work for you is the beauty of this experience.

The person who officiates your marriage should be someone who sees the world in a similar way and can honestly reflect what this important milestone means to you.


I won’t be telling you what I think you want to hear or making too much small talk – I will get right to the important things in life. Then, if we click, together we’ll create something meaningful and memorable, honest and real for an amazing ceremony experience. 

Your wedding ceremony can be the highlight of your day and I hope I might be the person who makes that dream come true. Oh, and enjoy all the other delicious offerings!

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