Send-offs of the Century

For some the end of the wedding is a simple good-bye to friends and family. For others, it is the send-off of a century!

Saying good-bye to family and friends after the last dance is over is a bitter-sweet farewell. Some couples find saying the party’s over very easy, while others continue to party hearty at the trendy after-party. If you are one of those couples who hates saying good-bye, but is really not into the late-night scene, then think about a really fabulous exit and leave your guests in awe . . .

These are several of the top ops for sensational send-offs:

Streamer cannons . . . shooting Mylar streamers in your wedding colors as you and your BFF leave for the night makes for a stunning photo and a jaw dropping good-bye.

Aeriel fireworks . . . cliché, but still among the best. Just make sure the purse doesn’t go up in flames paying for them.

Roman fountains . . . if aerial fireworks break the bank, then think fountains of fire from the ground up. A little more cost effective and eerily romantic.

Second Band . . . Mardi Gras Style is among my favorite. Take your guests on a march to the music of New Orleans and exit into the night on a happy note!

For those couples with a budget and an eye for DIY – here are some options to consider:

Feather Fans and Cones of Feathers . . . tossed feathers waft nicely for photos, and the fans give you the hint of vintage as they wave you good-bye.

Ribbon Wands . . . for cheering as you leave or Origami Planes . . . floating in the breeze. Both are cost effective options for a line-up send-off.

Rally towels from your favorite team – or personalized as a remembrance of the day.

Party String (sometimes called silly string) . . . for those fun-loving and silly couples. Be sure to check with your venue before purchasing, as there might be a clean-up fee.

Here are two that have been done, and work well for send-offs on a budget:

Petal Toss . . . rose petals like feathers waft well. Glow Sticks on string . . . can light up the sky, but watch out for the eyes.

Seasonal Send-offs . . . include fall leaves, daisy heads, lavender buds, herbs and other natural elements. Most are budget-friendly when in season.

Here is a mention of a few more:

  • Bubbles . . . most times done for the ceremony recessional – sometimes hard to coordinate with the guests
  • Walking on a Cloud . . . another way to say fog machine – check with your venue first
  • Money Toss . . . instead of the dollar dance (Big with Greek Weddings)
  • Confetti Drop . . . balloons too, but again, remember to discuss the clean-up policy before scheduling the spill

Lighting Displays . . . more cost effective than fireworks, lasting longer than the aerial displays, and the making of beautiful photos like these:

Some can be set to music and others are just for that moment when you say . . . Good-night.

Now, I know you’ve seen the photos of sparklers and Asian lanterns, and yes, sometimes they are pretty, but remember the consequences and the insurance.

Thumbs-down for this photo that left the couple covered in soot, and check out this article on the Knot:  Thank goodness for insurance.

Last on today’s list is a Lantern Send-off. These fire breathing balloons are not for sending-off from a mountain top over a forest of trees, or the Wildlife Sanctuary below your wedding venue.  Remember, fire and trees don’t mix – this type of send-off is strictly for the beach! Think of your environment and then decide on a sensational send-off or a simple good-bye.

If you’ve got the perfect idea for your wedding exodus, send it to the Wedding Warrior, and we will discuss the pros and cons of your exit strategy.

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