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Wishing You a Very Married Christmas – A Note from the LaVallees

For forty years, Stroudsmoor has remained a pinnacle wedding venue in the Poconos, and that is heavily in part due to the undying love, passion, and dedication the Pirone-Forte family pours into their business; their ‘Family Jewel‘ if you will. But what also helps maintain the Inn’s regionally-renowned legacy are the kind words and memories shared by our devoted couples.

This past summer Kayla and Jason LaVallee celebrated their dream wedding at our largest venue, Terraview. Looking back on their special day, they had nothing but kind remarks for our staff and all of the efforts made to make sure the new Mr. and Mrs. shared the most magical day possible. You can read a little bit about their wedding below: 

“Once we got to the rehearsal and day of [the wedding], I was truly blown away by the incredible staff,” Kayla gushed in her July review. “Every single guest told us that the service was unparalleled, the appetizers during cocktail hour were plentiful and delicious, and it was the best wedding they have ever attended. If anything went wrong, I really didn’t know about it because it was fixed before I could even notice.”

She concluded, “I am still in awe of the day. We were able to enjoy every moment because Stroudsmoor and the staff took care of everything. I didn’t have to lift a finger or think about anything more than celebrating the man who is now my husband!”

Bride and groom recess up Terraview's aisle

Fast-forward about five, nearly six months and it turns out we’re not the only ones still enthralled by how perfect Jason and Kayla’s wedding day was. 

Ahead of the Christmas holiday, Kayla and Jason reached out to their Stroudsmoor Event Planner to let her know just how grateful they are to have celebrated such an important milestone with us. 

In their card, they wrote:

Happy Holidays, Malia! We are still so grateful for everything you did for us this year leading up to the wedding & our wedding day. It was beyond magical!

Have an amazing holiday season & hopefully, you can relax before Wedding Season 2024!

Kayla & Jason

We can’t wait to see what comes next for the LaVallees this New year, and we only hope to hear from them again soon.  Happy Holidays, Kayla and Jason!

LaVallee Christmas Card

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