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Caitlin and Allan Zuniga

Married June 30, 2018 at SCI Pavilion

Origoni/Zuniga Real Wedding – 6/30/18 SCI Pavilion

WOW, we are both blown away by just how spectacular this video is! Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for sending it to us, and for allowing us to have it as such a beautiful memory of our wedding day. My family is continuously telling us how much fun they had, how delicious the food was, and how beautiful everything turned out! We really did have the BEST day ever, and we are so glad that we chose to celebrate our marriage with Stroudsmoor. I don’t think I had a single worry that day, which is fantastic!!!

SCI Pavilion Pocono Wedding Venue

SCI Pavilion Details

Allan and I met through the Geek Squad at Best Buy. He had worked there for many years, and I interviewed/started a Geek Squad job. He was the one who set up the computer I had to put together as an interview “test” and we officially met the next day when I started. We were nearly inseparable ever since!

We both fell in love with each other’s silliness. The fact that we can both be absolutely goofy together is fantastic. I remember wanting to buy a little stuffed animal, and I was choosing between the two that the store had… I was worried Allan would think I was being silly, but instead he held up the one I did not choose, put on a silly voice, and said “noooooooo brother I will miss you!” and so we bought both of them!

I proposed to Allan!!

We were going to announce our engagement in January regardless, but a series of coincidences led me to be able to secretly plan a surprise proposal for him. On Christmas Eve, after we went out for dinner at our favorite Chinese/Japanese restaurant, I asked him if we could go take a picture with at Empire State Building, since it was lit up for Christmas. There was a misty rain, and I have almost never asked to take a picture so he was very confused, but we went any way. I was SO NERVOUS and I completely forgot any speech I had planned. Instead I pulled out the 2 ring boxes and stumbled over something like “I got these for us if you want to get married” He laughed and said “of course!” and then also asked me to marry him. It was ridiculous, but also great.

When we were looking for a place to get married, we wanted to find somewhere that our families could stay on site where we could have a beautiful wedding celebration (preferably outdoors) with all the people we love. The moment we visited Stroudsmoor we knew it was the right fit. We especially loved that we could get as much help, or as little help with the planning as we needed… we went with as much help as possible!! Even while taking the tour, or sending out the first emails, we felt like we were cared about by all of the staff. By the end of all of the planning and the wedding itself, we felt like family. As we planned, we learned more and more about their dedication to being eco-friendly and working with local people for food and for outside vendors, all of which we enthusiastically support. The fact that the food is incredibly delicious, the grounds are breathtaking, and that you can literally customize the whole wedding to be what you were hoping for, are all huge bonuses as well.

Our wedding day was filled with love and fun from start to finish!

Allan and I specifically remember sitting together, looking out at all of the tables, and saying “wow, we could literally spend the entire rest of the wedding sitting at any one of those tables” because each one was filled with people we care about. And who can forget, at the end of the night, when Allan tried to buy the bear!

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