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Sam & Cameron’s Wedding Journey Continues at Sampling: Part 2

Every winter and every spring, Stroudsmoor Country Inn hosts its semiannual Wedding Expo & Sampling event, an occasion intended to help engaged couples begin putting together their vision of what their perfect wedding might look like. Stroudsmoor hosts this massively popular event in order to present to individuals some of the corresponding season’s best menu selections; offer a preview of each of our event facilities, floral designs and spa services; introduce our most valued vendors; and show clients how we can take their wedding vision and make it a dream come true.

Celebrating their “I-do’s” next April are Samantha Vedral and Cameron Payne. Following their visit to our March 2023 sampling event, Samantha shared hers and Cameron’s experience attending the expo with us and what they felt was most helpful as they begin taking the first steps in planning their wedding celebration. Included here are also some of the things Samantha and Cameron covered with two of our certified event planners during their follow-up “After-Sampling Meeting.”

“To be honest we were not sure what to expect from a tasting event because we had never been to one,” Samantha admitted, “but we were blown away immediately when we entered the venue.”

Samantha commented on Stroudsmoor’s friendly and welcoming staff, the easy-to-navigate setup at the venue, and the immense variety of vendors that attended the event and made creating her own wedding vision that much easier.

“It was well organized and we were welcomed right away,” the bride-to-be commented. “At each ‘station’ of the event all the staff members were knowledgeable and friendly. We did our food tasting first and I am so happy I came on an empty stomach because I was FULL by the time we tasted everything.”

In fact, the array of food and desserts impressed both Samantha and Cameron so much that when they came in for their after-sampling meeting, they had a reference list of dining options prepared for their event planners. While speaking with their planners, they actually faced some trouble nailing down a potential menu for their guests as many of the options stood out to both the bride and groom-to-be.

After filling up on all the delicious food selections Stroudsmoor’s chefs had prepared for the sampling event, Samantha and Cameron made their way over to Lawnhaven, one of our six private wedding venues.

While there, the couple explored Stroudsmoor’s wide range of floral and decor options, and Samantha even had the opportunity to “try on” a bouquet with one of our florists, which she said was “really fun and interactive.”

At the end of the event, Stroudsmoor staff sent Samantha, Cameron, and the rest of the couples that attended the Sampling home with a thoughtfully-designed box of cupcakes. They said that after a fun-filled, busy day spent exploring all Stroudsmoor has to offer for hopeful couples, it was nice to sit down at the end of the night and enjoy their take-home cupcake sampling kit.

Of Stroudsmoor’s spring wedding expo, Samantha concluded, “Overall, I would say the tasting event was an amazing experience and it really helped me solidify our vision.”

So, if you’re considering Stroudsmoor to host your Big Day, we encourage couples to join us at our next Wedding Expo & Sampling which takes place on November 19, 2023. For more information and to secure your tickets, visit

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