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In Full Bloom: 2024’s Hottest Wedding Flower Trends

As you plan the most special day of your life, every detail counts. Among the myriad of decisions to make throughout your wedding journey, choosing the right flowers is one of the most delightful yet daunting tasks. From the first blush of romance to the promise of forever, each bloom incorporated holds significance, infusing your celebration with meaning and magic. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of wedding flowers, uncovering tips, trends, and timeless classics to inspire your floral dreams.

What's Trending in 2024:

As we swing into spring, and therefore the start of another busy wedding season, we’re here to support you in the creation of your perfect wedding vision. While a number of factors, such as perfectly matched linens, personalized seating charts, and a mouthwatering menu all contribute to the culmination of an unforgettable wedding event, a your floral selections are one of the most important in accurately bringing your ultimate vision to life. That’s why the remainder of this post focuses solely on 2024’s top wedding trends and the ways you can make these trends unique to you. 

Our Designer Helps You Make it Personal

Here at the Inn, personalization and customization are two values we pride ourselves on when working with our clients, especially when it comes to Floral & Décor. As such, we looked to our Floral & Décor Manager, Grayson, in curating this post, making sure all the information provided is accurate, contemporary, and, most importantly, informative. 

Looking at the year ahead, she said, “Flower trends are constantly changing. When I started out in this field about 15 years ago, the trend was farmhouse chic. Lots of baby’s breath, lace, and mason jars! We have seen many trends come and go, from rustic to minimalist to wildflower.”

According to a post from BRIDES, while one trending wedding style continues to be minimalist elegance (placing an emphasis on lots of whites and greens), many 2024 couples have begun embracing maximalism. The opposite of minimalism, maximalism (with the idea that “more is more”) enables couples to utilize a wider color palette and a dynamic collection of unique florals. 

Kelsea Olivia, founder and creative director of New York-based floral design agency East Olivia, states, “this is not for the sake of opulence—instead, this maximalist approach can allow for countless opportunities of narrative/story expression for a couple or client.”

With our focus turned to maximalism, one trend our own florist has seen emerge recently is that of “dark academia” and Victorian décor preferences.

She said, “There are three trends at the present that are blatantly at the top of the list. In home décor, we are seeing the ‘dark academia’ and Victorian styles making a comeback; so of course, this carries over to weddings with gorgeous gold candlesticks and deep, rich florals. “

Examples of this budding trend can be seen below. 

Bright spring florals adorn wedding guest table

Examples of Moody Victorian Grandeur & Elegance:

As you curate your perfect academia-inspired bouquet, a positive floral addition to consider is ranunculus, a densely petaled, diversely colorful species of flower. 

“This flower is so versatile! Its deep, burgundy tones lend beautifully to a moody wedding. [Meanwhile,] It’s vibrant yellow and orange make wildflower bouquets just pop. [Finally,] its delicate white balances effortlessly with a minimal palette.”

In addition, S. Theresa Dietz’ The Complete Language of Flowers: A Definitive & Illustrated Guide states the ranunculus signifies attractiveness, beauty, and radiance, all valuable additions for a memorable wedding event.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild with Wildflowers

Bride holds bouquet featuring mushrooms

On the other end of the F&D spectrum, another floral trend gaining footing is the preference for wildflowers. More frequently, we’re finding that our couples don’t necessarily want a super structured or symmetric bouquet or centerpiece, but one whose flowers look like they were just freshly gathered from a field. Our designer states, “This is a fun one to play with colors, textures, and unconventional items.” 

Recently, our design team even used real dried mushrooms! Wildflowers themselves may also work well dried given a couple’s specific wedding vision. Last summer, our lead designer worked with our executive baker to put together a stunning wedding cake done up entirely in dried wildflowers

With the current uptick in this particular trend, Grayson explained that—by extension—certain flowers themselves have grown in popularity. For wildflower weddings, popular choices may include thistle or lisianthus.

Thistle, for examaple, is a little wild, it’s naturally occurring blue hue unique in the world of florals while its spikey flowerhead gives a bridal bouquet a freer, untamed appearance. Further, Deitz states thistle has historically possessed powers of fertility, harmony, persistence, stability, and strength.

Meanwhile, the beautiful lisianthus, with its delicate bell-shape and wispy greens, gives couples an alternative focal flower compared to popular choices like roses and carnations. While still a member of the rose family, Grayson explained that lisianthus “offers a much more delicate style.”

Further, our florist added,m “Lisianthus, like ranunculus, can wear many hats. While it does not have the same variety of color, its shape and texture match just about any aesthetic.”

Breathing Fresh Air into Baby’s Breath: Rustic Charm Reimagined

Among this year’s most popular flower choices are, of course, baby’s breath. Insanely common in the world of floral and décor, and retail in general, this teeny flower serves a number of functions. 

While, today, farmhouse chic has sort of taken a back seat to other, newer trends, baby’s breath continues to maintain its grip in the world of weddings, though more recently, aiding couples in their vision of minimalist elegance.

“Baby’s breath is having a reincarnation,” said Grayson. “It is no longer the farmhouse chic flower, but rather [that of] minimalist/classic elegance. We are seeing all-white weddings, with clouds of baby’s breath and lovely reflexed white roses,” another trend on the rise.

“The way it made a complete 180, from rustic farmhouse to classic elegance is a perfect example of how timeless this flower is,” she added. “It will never go out of style, no matter the current trends!”

According to Jessica Roux’s book of Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers, baby’s breath is symbolic of purity and innocence, helpful in the realm of weddings in conveying the pureness of a couple’s union and perhaps highlighting their devotion to each other.

Baby's breath hangs in water-filled mason jar

Reflecting: A Small Feature on Reflexed Flowers

Before we conclude our report on the year’s growing wedding flower trends, we have one more design to cover: reflexed flowers. 

Not a species but a style, reflexed florals are simply flowers that have had their petals gently peeled open and back to give the bloom a slightly more dramatic, extraordinary appearance. This is most commonly done with tulips and roses, their silken leaves easily pliable and simple to manipulate. Our lead floral designer explained, “Reflexed roses contribute to a stunning display exuding luxury, while reflexed tulips add a gardenesque whimsy.”

After delving into the captivating realm of 2024 wedding flower trends, it’s clear that the year ahead promises a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation. From classic roses to whimsical wildflowers, there’s a trend to suit every couple’s unique style. Whether you’re drawn to cascading bouquets or eco-conscious arrangements, 2024 invites us to explore the endless creativity of floristry. May these trends inspire you as you plan your special day, creating moments filled with beauty and meaning. Here’s to a celebration adorned with nature’s finest blooms, and to a love that blossoms eternally.

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