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Coming and going in vintage style . . .

How will you arrive to your wedding . . . in a traditional limo or in a WOW wedding vehicle? Stroudsmoor can arrange your signature mode of transportation to and from the wedding. Start and end the wedding with a 1-2 punch your guests will remember! Send us your ideas for wedding transportation and we will send you ours!

How you arrive to and leave from your wedding says as much about you as a couple as the cloths you wear and vows you recite.  It can set the tone for the reception or make a big splash at the end of the celebration.  Here are two modes of transportation that will WOW your guests!

  1. Arrive in a classic 1953 Chevy Pick-up – we can even add the rocking chair in the bed for that “American Gothic” look.  This couple enjoyed riding on and photos with their vintage orange Chevy, but there are many other ways to include this vintage vehicle in your day.  For example . . . imagine its bed filled with pumpkins and hay for a fall day, or barrels and bottles of wine on any wedding day!
  2. A sweet ride for the end of the wedding is our chillin’ Ice Cream Truck.  Send your guest off with a sweet treat and ride off into the sunset with an ice cream nightcap!

This is just the tiny tip of the vehicles that can be arranged to transport you to and from your wedding celebration.  SO, are you thinking of arriving on horse-back or horse carriage?  Did you want to drop-in on a hot air balloon? How about arriving on a Harley or in a hearse Halloween-style?  Stroudsmoor’s been there done that . . . we’ve got garage connections for all your favorite modes of transportation  . . . let us help get you to the wedding on time and in-style!

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