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LeCompte/Flynn Wedding

Married October 22, 2016 at Woodsgate

Shanna LeCompte and Melissa Flynn – 10/22/16 Woodsgate

Woodsgate Pocono Wedding Venue

Woodsgate Details

Although long overdue, we could never thank you enough for all the hours of work you put into making our big day exactly what we imagined it would be. We waited so long to be able to get married, then find the perfect place and all the anticipation was well worth it. The Stroudsmoor and especially you were all so welcoming and willing to do anything to make our day perfect! Every trip up there always felt like visiting family. Thank you for all your hard work putting everything together for us, from favors and food to decorations and details, it was all Amazing. We had an extraordinary day that we will always remember. Thank you for making all our dreams come true, (outdoor ceremony and all!) it was all breathtakingly beautiful!

With all of our gratitude and love,

Shanna & Melissa 10-22-16 – Woodsgate

Shanna went to college with Melissa’s good friend from high school. After Melissa graduated from college in Florida, and moved back to New Jersey, she would visit her friend who was still at college, meeting Shanna at that time and getting to know her after several visits. It turns out that Melissa and Shanna’s parents lived very close to each other, so when Shanna graduated college and moved back home, they stayed in touch and eventually Melissa asked Shanna to go out on a date.

Shanna fell in love with the way Melissa treated her and how polite she was on their first couple of dates. She would open doors for her, always be the one to pick her up, sent her flowers and left her little notes. Her kindness and attentiveness were an immediate attraction for Shanna. Melissa was instantly attracted to Shanna’s personality. She is very upbeat and happy. I love the way she laughs and always encourages me to be better. I’ve had some challenges to get through during our time together and she’s always been there, patiently helping me and pushing me to succeed.

Every year Shanna’s family goes on a week-long camping vacation to a different destination. In 2014 we were headed to Niagara Falls. Every year on this vacation, Shanna and Melissa would take a special day trip together to celebrate their anniversary, which happened to be 10 years this year. Melissa said she wanted to plan the day trip, which was not out of the ordinary; she had planned this year to drive up to Toronto Canada. We left early in the morning to drive up and Melissa seemed pretty nervous about answering all the border agents’ questions about our trip like where we were going and how long we were staying as we crossed into Canada. This was very odd considering she is a law enforcement officer herself and usually very calm and collected. After crossing into Canada she surprised me with a trip to Casa Loma, a historic castle in Toronto. We toured the castle which was spectacular, had some lunch and made our way to the fountains and gardens in the back of the property. The gardens were gorgeous and there was a path that wound through an evergreen garden and fish ponds. Melissa asked me to sit down for a minute toward the end of the path after climbing a stone staircase and the next thing I know she is down on one knee holding a ring (that she designed herself) asking me to marry her! I was totally taken by surprise and after I said yes, the surprise continued by telling me that we were staying in Toronto for the night and that everyone in the family knew because she had asked for my parents’ permission to marry me that morning at the campground. We had a wonderful dinner and a great night with just the two of us. After a lovely French breakfast, we returned to the campground to our family and a couple of close friends to finish celebrating for the rest out our vacation. It was absolutely perfect!

We chose the Stroudsmoor, first because of the beautiful photos we saw on- line of the Woodland Chapel, which was exactly what we were looking for. When we came up for our appointment to tour grounds we fell in love. We knew we wanted to have our wedding at the Woodland Chapel surrounded by the natural beauty of the fall season. Andy was a wonderful tour guide and his wife Linda was just as great. They were completely accepting and listened to everything we wanted on our special day.

Wedding planning so far has been great. It’s been a new and at times nerve- racking experience, but everyone at the Stroudsmoor has been exceptional. Everyone we have dealt with has been so nice and helpful and we never feel like we are a bother to anyone even with the smallest question or request. We have also realized that the logistics of planning a wedding with two brides is a lot to figure out, but we are working our way through it to create a unique day that fits us both.

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