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Marie and James Mauro

Married June 09, 2018 at Ridgecrest

Marie and James Mauro – June 9, 2018 – Ridgecrest

Ridgecrest Pocono Wedding Venue

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James and I met in January 2009. I spotted him from across the bar and grabbed my best friend (now my maid of honor) and told her how cute I thought he was. He apparently noticed me as well, referring to me as “the girl in the striped shirt” to his friends. I lost patience waiting for him to approach me so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I “accidentally” bumped into him and told him to “watch where you’re going”. That was enough to spark up a conversation – he took my number that night and the rest is history.

James is just such a kind-hearted person. I can laugh with him even when I’m angry at him. It just isn’t possible to stay mad for long.

He proposed to me during a bike ride in San Francisco. After several long hours biking through the city and over the Golden Gate Bridge I could think of only one thing – food. When he asked me to get off my bike to go down an empty path to overlook the bridge I strongly objected in favor of getting to a restaurant. It took him some time to convince me but I finally agreed (thankfully). After he got down on one knee I couldn’t be any happier-I was crying happy tears. We then got to celebrate over a nice big meal – and champagne!

James and I attended a wedding at Stroudsmoor in 2014 for one of our best friends and had an amazing time. The way the couple spoke so highly of Stroudsmoor always stuck out in our minds – they really felt that Stroudsmoor went above and beyond for them throughout the entire process. After looking at several other venues we decided to look at Stroudsmoor and it was an easy answer for us – nothing compared. The views, food, venues, and service are like no other place we saw. We also loved that there was several different venues and options to choose from as well – so while we got married at the same place as our friends we picked a different venue that suited our wedding day best.

Having a wedding really intimidated us. The thought that this one day was supposed to be the “best day of our lives” seemed so cliché. I was not the little girl who dreamed about her wedding day and the thought of planning a wedding completely overwhelmed me- but Stroudsmoor gave us the perfect day we never thought we could have. They are such true professionals and helped us with every single step. They never pressured us to spend more than we could afford and truly wanted our day to be perfect. We trusted their guidance and loved planning our wedding day because of their help.

We were so well taken care of. People say you won’t eat on your wedding day – they made sure we ate. People say the day goes by in a flash – but with their staff we didn’t worry about a single thing and got to feel totally present throughout the day and night. One of our favorite moments was right after we got married we mentioned that we wanted to take two minutes alone to soak in the moment before going out into cocktail hour. Well, our server heard this and made it her job to guard our bridal suite so we could have that moment. We didn’t even know she was doing it – our bridesmaids told us about it later on. I love that we got that time to ourselves. The whole night was just perfect because we didn’t have to stress about anything. The whole staff was smiling and warm and just added that much more to the day.

I know everyone thinks their wedding is the best, but ours really was! I wouldn’t change a single thing.

“James and I just wanted to tell you how perfect yesterday was for us. Hair and make-up was perfect, the flowers were gorgeous, the guests all loved the accommodations, the food was delicious and the attention and care we received from the staff yesterday was so exceptional. Stroudsmoor really made the whole process and experience better than we could have ever imagined. You are amazing at what you do and we can never thank you enough for helping us make yesterday happen. Thank you!”

Marie and James, June 9, 2018, Ridgecrest

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