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Sam & Cameron Celebrate Their Last ‘Single’ Valentine’s Day: Part 3

Love at Lawnhaven!

It’s been a few months since we’ve checked in with Sam and Cameron, but in early February, the soon-to-be-wedded couple returned to the Inn where they celebrated their last “single” Valentine’s Day. In anticipation of their rapidly approaching nuptials, we invited them to join us for a fun-filled Valentine’s photoshoot. See some of their photos below!

The Planning Experience: The Good, Better, and Best

We’ve very much enjoyed working with Sam and Cameron to plan their fairytale wedding at Lawnhaven. And last month, as we braved the wind to capture the perfect cascading rose petal shot, the couple shared their favorite parts of the planning process with us.

I love that you guys do so much here,” Sam gushed, “because if I had to talk to a bunch of other vendors, like the floral and the cake and stuff, I think I would lose my mind.”

She explained that above everything else, securing all the necessary components of their wedding has “been the hardest part, kind of coordinating everything and making sure everything’s set up and figuring out which one needs this deposit, that deposit. So that’s really convenient,” that we offer all of those services and accommodations in-house.

Couple throws flower petals

During their time with us, the couple also spoke a little more about Stroudsmoor’s Sampling Event. Having attended in the spring of 2023, Sam and Cameron reviewed with us what they found most helpful about the event and shared some of their favorite parts. Hopefully, their experience proves helpful to you as you begin planning your own wedding.

Savory & Sweet Samples at Sampling:

Cameron said that the best part of our Sampling event, for him, was “getting to try the hors d’oeuvres.”

Sam agreed and said, “Tasting all the food, obviously, is awesome because you want to make sure you can try everything.”

Here at the Inn, we consistently receive rave reviews about our cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvres.

And because our couples (dependent upon their selected food package) have the opportunity to enjoy anywhere between 20 and 40 diverse selections during their event, Sampling helps you to establish a few favorites.

You may then request these items be served on your big day when you attend your After-Sampling Meeting with your Event Planner.

Sweets for Our Sweets!

The soon-to-be-newlyweds also remarked on how much they enjoyed dessert: Stroudsmoor Inn Towne Bakery Café‘s signature Cupcake Sampling Kit. 

Cupcake samples on display at Ridgecrest

Featuring eight mouthwatering wedding cake flavors in kits that are only made available to clients during our Sampling Events, Sam said of the cupcakes, “I love that you could bring the [them] home, because we had our own little separate date!”

Food aside, the couple further remarked on how amazed they were at the sheer number of vendors, stations, and displays the Inn’s staff had out for couples to see and experience.

Soft pretzel display atop wooden barrel

“Having so many things set up…[is] amazing,” Sam said, “because I never even thought to do a milk and cookies stand, or something like that. So I thought that was really awesome that [the team] could show you things to do at your wedding that you didn’t even know you could do at your wedding!”

The couple further mentioned that, because so many of Stroudsmoor’s preferred vendors attended the event, they were able to secure a number of their necessary professionals “really quick.”

The couple concluded, “I think the Sampling event is awesome here. I’ve never been to one like that before…Such a fun part [of planning]!”

Advice from the Bride & Groom-to-be

Before Sam and Cameron headed home following their flower petal-filled photoshoot, we spoke with them about tips they may have to offer other couples in the beginning phases of planning their wedding. 

Above everything else, the couple quipped, “Have a small wedding party!”

Sam explained, “I have nine girls now, and he has seven guys, so it’s huge. And now we’re trying to figure out where we’re all going to stay the night before, whether we’re all going to stay here…so we’re trying to figure that out which has been really frustrating, and also getting all of them, too, to do things!” 

It’s all in good fun though, and we so look forward to celebrating Sam and Cameron’s “I-do’s.” Be sure to check back soon for the very last part of their Wedding Journey!

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